Sweet Green Jamaica - Landscape Photography


Hail to the Hive!

Today there was a great scattering of clouds and blue skies in abundance so I thiught I might shoot the bird up for a bit of a fly about. Now even though we are in the countryside there’s still a few buildings to contend with on the housing scheme, but I have my solution to this.


Climb the ladder to my own private landing pad!

Ironically, considering the activity, I am scared of heights and I’m not fond of this bit but I have scrambled up here a fair bit now as I’ve mentioned in previous posts so getting more confident with it now. Probably shouldn’t tempt fate!


Apart from the main reason for being up nere, which is better signal to the drone, there is the added benefit of nobody pestering you while you are flying as they would need to also climb up on the roof. So it feels like my own private helipad for miniature whirlybirds. I hate people looking over my shoulder at what I am doing at the best of times let alone when I am flying the bird.


Once the bird is up and clear of wires and trees I randomly pick a direction and off we go. I send her up to just below the legal limit of 120m as this also helps with unobstructed signals and the views are pretty lovely. Stunning actually. Always amazes me I can see this from @millycf1976 ’s family home.


I’ve started to notice now how the mountains/ hills in the background kind of coral the clouds and you can see how they affect coastal weather with low cloud cover. Kind of veering them on the course they’d prefer them to go.


As it was pretty hot today up on the roof I only did 2 flights rather than my usual 3 as I was sweating like crazy and starting to dream of afternoon cold beers in my future.


I kind of specifically did this flight to get some fresh shots for the #photofeed landscape entry so mission accomplised.


Seeing myself on the screen as I navigate my way back is a bit weird but being the vain @scubahead that I am I always bag a few selfies, no stick needed, on the way in.


Yeah I know it is a bit vain but it’s a nice perspective and a bit of fun. What’s the point if you can’t have a little fun eh?

And it always feels good when the bird returns, a bit of relief felt every time.


The eejit has landed! 🤣