September 25, 2021. Monoclonal Antibodies May Reduce Hospitalizations in High Risk Ambulatory Patients with COVID-19


This article (this article is a preprint and has not been peer reviewed yet) shows a quasi-experimental observational cohort study using target trial emulation and causal inference methodology in pre-and post-implementation groups, comparing a cohort that received a monoclonal antibody infusion with a cohort that did not receive them. The inclusion criteria was to have ambulatory, high risk for hospitalization COVID-19.

This study, showed a statistically significant difference in the rates of hospitalization between the cohort that received the monoclonal antibodies and the ones that did not. The difference was about 18% hospitalization versus about 12%

This study shows that the best use of monoclonal antibodies may be used to reduce hospitalization due to COVID-19.

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