High yield opportunity


If you have some stablecoin earning very little interest, or nothing at all I want to share an opportunity to earn a 4.0%+ weekly rate.

Pokket is a high-yield savings platform that pays interest based on volitality.

Right now they're paying 885.69% for REN and 776.50% APY for OMG when you start a new Stablecoin Structured Savings. Rates are subject to change, and may already have by the time you read this.

These are both great opportunities because the 7 day forecast on Walletinvestor predicts the two tokens going to rise over the next week.

REN1.195 USD1.312 USD
OMG16.281 USD17.345 USD

Pokket is a unique DeFi platform. Read carefully how the Stable Structured Savings works.

When creating a new Stablecoin Structured Saving, you first select the stablecoin (USDT, USDC or TUSD) and then choose the underlying token from one of the 60+ token selections. After one-week, the Stablecoin Structured Savings have one of the 2 outcomes at the maturity date:

1. If the market price of the underlying token is within -9% (underlying token price at maturity > 91% underlying token price at start) after the one-week period, you get the saving amount + interest, in the stablecoin you saved with us.

2. If the market price of the token is below or equal to -9% (underlying token price at maturity <= 91% underlying token price at start) after the one-week period, you get underlying token equivalent of both the saving amount and interest, converted at strike price (91% of the value at start) to the underlying token.

Pokket might not be for everyone. But if you want to give it a try here's my affiliate link. sign up


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