Rising Star Weekly Growth. Added 2,000 Fans to boost my earnings!


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Rising Star Profile

Adding fans, running missions, and spending all the Starbucks I earned like a drunken rock band lead singer. If I if I earn it from playing gigs, it goes right back into playing more gigs. I'm on my way to a true Rockstar life.

Here are some quick stats about my account.

  • Rank: 129
  • Level: 131
  • Missions: 8844
  • Mission Ego: 37540
  • Lesson Skill: 65367
  • Card Fans: 51128
  • Card Skill: 43403
  • Cards Luck: 16649
  • Cards IM: 758
  • Unique Cards: 472
  • Total Cards: 4137
  • Joined 8/12/21
  • Packs Purchased: 3
  • Boxes Purchased: 10
  • Pizza Slices: 6
  • Pizza Box: 4
  • Coffee Cup: 1
  • Risky Whisky: 1
  • Cans of Petrol: 5
  • 2nd Edition Birthday Cake: 2

It's been another decent week of playing rising star. I think I managed to boost my daily plain minutes a little but you might have helped explain why my ranking went up. The cards I bought did not impact my rating or My overall holdings for this post due to the timing of the calculations. But overall I feel like my earnings were higher than the past few weeks, but I will say I did manage to pick up 10,000 drunk fans a couple of days which really boosted some of the shorter missions that paid out


Card Buying128k+ StarBits


Last week I decided to change up my weekly goals and this is the first week of trying to add 2,000 new fans. I went out and found the cheapest cards I could to fulfill this goal and managed to add 2015 fans. Luckily for me these cards were not just the bargain basement low stack cards, and they also came with a decent amount of skill, luck, and income modifier. The fact that I only gained $350 more fans than skill really helped my race against ego. In fact I will barely have to run an extra mission from the drum lesson to offset this increase.

I plan on running this goal of adding 2,000 fans per week until I hit at least 60,000 before I reassess. I think it's $60,000 I might have to take a look and see if I can scoop up a bunch of cards to either help my ranking, or my bulk holdings.

I think in my next post I do deep dive into my purchase history. I have spent over 3.77 million Star bits on the market, along with several boxes of cards that I have tracked. Overall I have to be well over 4 million Star bits spent. I would love to know how many Starbucks I have earned overall, versus what I have spent in the market. I don't think I have withdrawn that much, but may have overtime withdrawn more than I thought I had. This could be especially be true in a very beginning with a millionaire mission and a significant outlay of Hive I had to spend on Star bits when 10,000 Starbucks cost you three hive.

I think it might be worth the book to see how many of each card I bought, and how much I've spent on each card in my collection. It's kind of crazy to me to think about how much I've spent in the past year.


Next Weeks Goals - 2k Fans again

Fans fans fans. At least right now I feel like this whole game is all about fans, and the rest is just noise. I probably be a lot better off if I just gave up chasing the leaderboard, and tried to add as many fans as humanly possible and run music lessons to offset any ego slippage. I'm wondering if I can add 2,000 fans a week for the rest of the year that would be close to adding 25,000 fans on top of my 50. That would be a nice boost and be about a 50% increase in fans, with the significant boost to my earnings.


Major Milestones

  • Starbits Millionaire
  • Level 50 to Unlock Starbits Millionaire Mission
  • Level 55 to Unlock Local Mini Tour Support
  • Level 80 to Unlock Country Tour with Cheap Rehearsal Room
  • 5 Cans of Petrol

Thoughts and Comments

I think I need to set some long-term goals, and I should really take a look at some of the bulk cards that I bought that might be out of print now. All I hate the idea of selling, I did fairly well in other games buying low price cards until they're out of printed and flipping them, and then taking those proceeds to buy more low price cards. I'm not sure how the market is doing and rising Star from a complete collection standpoint. With the continuous release of new cards having a complete collection is becoming harder and harder and will be really hard for those just joining the game. Feel fortunate to have joined when I did, and to have as many unique cards as I have but I can see it being an issue going forward to ever complete the collection, or get as complete as I can up until the point of legendries.