Rising Star Weekly Update - Level 55 Added 6 New Cards Last week



Rising Star Profile

Here are some quick stats about my account.

  • Rank: 332 (Up 2)
  • Level: 55
  • Missions: 996 (Last week 837)
  • Mission Ego: 1542 (LW 1542)
  • Lesson Skill: 7976 LW 6379)
  • Card Fans: 2840 (+350)
  • Card Skill: 3270 (+600)
  • Unique Cards: 54
  • Total Cards: 84
  • Joined 8/12/21
  • STARBITS Earned: 250,565
  • STARBITS Spent on Cards: 160,000
  • STARPRO Withdrawn: 0
  • Packs Purchased: 13
  • Pizza Slices: 6
  • Pizza Box: 4
  • Coffee Cup: 1


EGO - Need More Fans

My Current Ego Snapshot shows me at only 4468, with basically no drunks. I don't seem to get very many drunks the past few weeks. Not sure what I am doing differently, but it must be something. With my skill of over 11k, I have plenty of room to boost my drunks and up my potential earnings .



Illegal Busking - The OG Mission

When you first start - this is what you see. You can Earn 10 XP and 1-8 Starbits. Now XP won't change (unless you buy a booster) but StarBits will. Last week I was over 80 and today is only 76. But at the time this was taken I only had 76 Drunks fans, so I can only assume that last week I had a few thousand extra that gave me the boost.



Music Lessons

Your first lesson - assuming you don't buy a microphone will look something like this. You earn an amazing 120 XP and Skill reward of 5-10. I still love music lessons for grinding through levels. It builds your skills, gives you no drunks, and a healthy 120xp. It really is a perfect balance to missions.

I managed to increase my skill floor from 30 to 35 and the top reward from 60-70. It looks like I am getting 5 to the top line for each 50 in Mic luck I add. I will keep it going and see how many it takes to raise the floor.



Recent Buys 40,040 StarBits


  • Destkop mic 4850 & 6500
    Still one of the best ROI I could find for Microphones. I know eventually I will need other insturments, but right now I will focus on just singing lessons to really keep ahead of the ego.

  • Barney 7190 & 7500
    I also found Barney to be priced better than other comparable cards. For this 100k I was really trying to get the best stats I could for the money. I have a feeling I will start to add more out of print cards - as I like to collect stuff, and some are not that much more expensive and still around in decent numbers

-Greg 7500
Sure Greis is my primary card I got way back, but I found this one for a great deal. Not way I could pass it up so I scooped it up. I felt it was well priced for the day I went shopping.

-Emma 7100
This Emma was dirt cheap, I only wish I could have gotten more at the time. While her fan side is very small, the skills are nice at 150. I guess my problem might be I need more fans, so after buying her I will focus on cards that have higher fans.

Overall they were really nice pick ups - this brings my totals to almost 60k, and when comparing to the 12 pack I bought I am pretty even so far. With only 40k left to spend it will be interesting to see. It looks like SB prices really went up after that HIVE pump... not sure how that will impact my analysis.

Next Buys

I need to spend another 40k on cards, looking for newe rare cards that fill holes or duplicates that are just priced too well for me to ignore. I wish I could buy some every day, but I keep spending all my SM as soon as I get it.

Strategy -

I am fully set on Pizza and Pizza Boxes. I might need to see how expensive a Whisky bottle is, or find some out what missions I need to do to get more drunk funs. I have plenty of room before it hits my ego...

I will keep grinding away until level 75 where I can start to unlock band members.

Major Milestones

  • Starbits Millionaire
  • Level 50 to Unlock Starbits Millionaire Mission
  • Level 55 to Unlock Local Mini Tour Support

Thoughts and Comments

Let me know what you think I should do next, or how to improve my band better. I got PIZZA, LUV and BEER to tip if they are working.



The next level ain't much better than what you really are already on, you need to buy petrol for missions which can cost a pretty penny. I am also buying out of print stuff and I am more focussed on guitars for my lessons


Yeah, the out of print stuff seems like a good idea. I might even start to make a run at the Commons just to grab one.

I think epics and legendary will be really hard to buy...