Season 106 Splinterlands Recap - Bronze Card Caps - Level 2 Summoner Account Earnings and Performance Review


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It appears that I skipped season 105 overview. Not sure why I did that especially considering that my season 105 earnings were actually quite good. Maybe it was because my earnings for the season before were so dismal with the release of the new cell phone cards and some bad RNG for me. Either way it's time to take a look at how I did last season and what I'm doing to change things up for this season



Performance was another solid season for me. Still had a pretty good win ratio at 1.19, while not quite as high as I would like I did seem to struggle a bit more this season as he changes to the rental market and the decreases of bots impacted my ability to witness the matches. It's not that I was always a straight-up out mask, I think I was facing other similarly ranked humans who picked a good counter lineup to my lineup. Either way I'm still over one and I think I'm tracking pretty well.

Season Rewards


Overall season rewards felt much bigger than in season's past. I think the ability to get multiple cards per chest is really making me feel like I'm doing much better in my asset category. All these cards currently have no value since they cannot sold, most of them are getting combined up to be my bronze cap levels and depressed are going to sit there until they're out of print. For me I'm okay sitting on these until they're out of print before looking at selling or renting them and I'm happy to be getting so many cards. I think in the long run this is a great change.


I did really well from highlight perspective this month. Two chaos legion packs plus a whole boatload of gold foil cards really made this season great. 14 gold foil cards it's much higher than I'm used to getting. Not to mention I got a decent number of summoners which I need to level up to give myself another option while selecting my teams. I hope I continue to have a similar luck with cards in the coming seasons, it will give me the inspiration to keep grinding the way.

  • 2 Chaos Legion Packs
  • 3 GF Gobson Bomber
  • 5 GF Ferox Defender
  • 4 GF Fungus Flinger
  • 1 GF Caller
  • 1 Terraceous Grunt

Earnings Stats and Graphs


  • Earnings
    Earnings were really good this month at over $5, and it's really hard to say where I think I should be. While I did and the season well under the expected value, I think I did fairly well overall and I certainly don't feel like I was that much under the expected value

  • SPS SPS continues to be an area where I struggle to earn. I think I'm earning a decent amount from brawls and really enjoying earning it there, but considering that I am well below the optimal earning rates for cards I am not getting very much per match and and getting most of my SPS from chests.

  • Cards
    So many cards, so many good cards, so many gold cards. Really loving the changes to me to the reward cards and don't mind that they're so bound. It is quite frustrating when they first come out and you face off some cards that you have not had an opportunity yet to open because the RNG guys are just not on your side but as things progress I feel like I am getting much closer to having a full team. There's still 13 cards that I have yet to receive even a single bcxl and once I do get those I look forward to playing them and including them in my lineups. Some of them I think will be quite useful and can be real game changers down the road.

Win/Loss and Chests Won


I have been trying to increase the number of gold chests I would need to season and while it comes at a cost of silver chests so far I think the trade-off has been worth it. While my win-loss ratio has dipped slightly I have managed to increase the number of gold chests each season with my last season breaking in a total of 91 gold chests. That's a significant growth rate over the prior month where I only received 61 gold. I'm going to continue to try to earn as many gold chests and with the new season reset, I'm already on track defeated since most of my daily chests will not be gold in that silver. I'm not sure how to play out long term but will take a look.

Overall summary

I feel like my account is slowly improving, especially after some purchases I've made to smoke. I have some more to make before I can feel like my account is fairly complete. Even after my next round of purchases, they'll still be plenty of work to do, mostly in the rift watchers world where I feel like I have a little bit more time and I will be working on those. These posts to payouts and some other earning opportunities for great chances for me to roll it back into my cards.

New Soul Bound Cards

Really loving the new cell phone cards and all of their abilities have been really well balanced and have plugged some holes where I have otherwise struggle to find a card to play. It gives me the martyr, or double strike, or armor repair, or protection that I'm looking for that otherwise was missing.

Buying Lots of Legendary in March

Like I mentioned before I am spending quite a bit of money this March trying to knock out the most expensive cards that I need. This is largely 10 to 15 legendary cards that I have ignored for a while. Quite honestly as I add each card the gameplay has become easier for me as I have more options, as well as the most powerful cards in my school. It really helps me win with my bronze League cards all the way up into gold one.

I will continue to play brawls and hope to continue to have some good success with gladius packs. I've had some terrible RNG luck considering the number of packs I have opened I still have a significant number of cards that I have not even obtained a single copy of well some are already leveled up all the way with spare copies. Funny thing is I am still waiting for QuraTownshed to drop along with the rest of the legendary cards. The funny thing is even if I got it I want to be able to use it in brawls but I could easily see playing it and ranked play sometimes.