Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge MAGI NECROSI in Bronze 1



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After selling out early February 2021, I am starting to play again and rebuild my team. Much has changed int he past year, and we have moved onto a new set of cards. Many of these cards are great, but I miss some of the classic Beta and old reward cards. My Goal is leaning towards getting as many cards in 1 BCX GF as I can, but this will be a slow goal. I will get all the epics and legendary in normal that I can as I try to get common and rare cards I use often in GF first. It will be a long road, but it makes sense to me most of the time to buy 1 bcx and not combine it vs trying to buy 14 cards and combine to a level 2.

I recently completed my Chaos epic collection and since I no longer have Beta cards thought I would feature some matches using them.

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Weekly Challenge - MAGI NECROSI

Rarity: EPIC
Element: DEATH
Attack: MAGIC
Abilities: SNIPE: Targets enemy Monsters with Ranged, Magic, or no attack that are not in the first position.
Abilities CAMOUFLAGE: This Monster cannot be targeted for attacks unless it's in the first position.
Health: 4
Speed: 4
Attack: 2
Mana: 6

Reasons Why I like it
Magic Snipe - one of my favorite plays. It really helps go against the magic or range attack teams from Earth and Life. Having the ability to do 2 damage every time to the first range attacker can really help take them out and avoid the shields. Having Camouflage ensures it stays around as long as possible and not get taken out by a heavy snipe or sneak team. Gives it a chance to make a real difference in the match.

The Matchup



MANA: 22
RULES: Broken Arrow: Ranged Attack Monsters may not be used in battles.
SPLINTERS: Fire, Earth, Life, Death, Dragon

  • Summoner Thaddus Brood

  • First position Cursed Windeku
    The new Death tank 90% of the time. Sure, sometimes you pick void, or shield, but thorns proves to be so powerful the majority of the time. Got to love putting it first, and most lineups do.

  • Second Position Death Elemental
    Love its magic snipe and speed. 3 speed is before most other ranged attacks, and can knock out some good cards if you get luckly .Combined with the 3rd card for magic snipe, I feel like it help deliver a lot of magic damage before they even get a chance to attack.

  • Third Position Magi Necrosi
    Even faster than Death Elemental, and delivering 2 magic damage means we can knock out cards and let our tank hold the front link. It does have 4 health which means it can take a short to two before going out, but hopefully it won't get to that. Since it have Camouflage, it will be safe until it hits the font line!

  • Fourth Position Uraeus
    I actually have this at level 2 epic, but given my lack of new summoners it was put down to 1. I love it with 2 Melee damage and sneak, but since it had 1 shield, i felt it was still a good play at the rear. Its true I could move Dealth Elemtnal and Magi places and they would still be targeted in the same order, infact, same goes for Uraeus and Magi... I do love Camouflage!

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Opponent Lineup & Match Play

Summoner Thaddus Brood
Cursed Windeku
Yup, - like I said, everyone loves in in first position. I think 90% of the death lineups I play against has this in 1st position now.

Cursed Slimeball
Not I guess it will be backup when Windeku falls, and is a decent 1 mana card for filler.

Chaos Agent
Not my favorite play considering they now have two 1 mana cards that won't do much for an attack. I guess they can help absorb attacks better than a 2 mana low heath card.

Undead Badger
I like the card, Sneak and only 2 mana but this makes 3 cards in a row with only 1 health. It seems really risky to me.

Death Elemental
Yup - well now it makes more sense. Chaos Agent will take my attack if I get to go first and then they can take out my death elemental. Bummer. Good idea.

Silent SHA-VI
Love this card - especially at level 3. Getting a 3 speed, 3 Melee attack with 5 health is a monster of a card for Bronze league play. High damange, medium heath that will do fine if it goes all the way to the font.

Round 1

Magi Speed means it goes first every turn. That is good luck for me, and it will help to set the tone early. Whiles its attack was reduced by their Thaddus Brood it still has enough to knock out the Chaos Agent. I also win the coin flip of who goes first with the Death Elemental Coin flips of turns. Given that I am also playing Thaddus Brood, Death Elemental is down to 1 heath and my attack knocks it out. Things have already started out really well for me. I also go first with Cursed Windeku - but it makes no difference. I deal 2 damage, and take 2 in return from thorns.

The speed advantage moves over to the opponent with all three of their melee cards have 3 speed. Their Cursed Windeku attackes and we both take another 2 damage to our health dropping us to 4. Silent Sha-Vi attacks taking out my armou on Uraeus and then Undead Badger knocks it out before it ever got a turn. Double Sneak can really take a toll. That is the end of round 1.

Round 2 - Death Blows Raining down


Things are already looking good for me. They are our of ranged attacks and I get both my snipers going first due to speed, rarity, and magic!. Both Magi and Death Elemental attack dropping their Cursed Windeku down to 2 health. Now no matter who attacks, I will have 2 health left, and theirs will be knocked out. For the record, they attacked dropping me to 2, and getting knocked out by thorns. My Cursed Windeku attacks and knocks out cursed slimeball. Silent SHA-VI attacks - skipping over my camouflaged Magi Necrosi and taking out Death elemental. Undead Badger attacks, taking my cursed Windeku down to 1 health, but the Badger takes 2 damange and is knocked out from those pesky thorns!. That leaves only Silent Sha-VI.

Round 3 - Its over before the rounds starts.


Speed - Rarity, and Attack Type all are critical. Magi Necrosi enjoys going first again, taking the finaly opponent card Silent SHA-VI down to 3 health. Rarity takes president when tied for speed, so Cursed Windeku gets to go fist, dealing another 2 damage. While Silent Sha-VI is still in the game, its over. Its attack will knock out my Cursed Windeku, but those thorns will be the death of Silent Sha-Vi - and Victory for me!


I really like my lineup - It was well balanced, and had the rarity and speed I needed to get to go first. I think the real key was knocking our cards before they could attack, and then winning the tank war so I could let the Thorns do most of the work for me. I think my next battle challenge might be on Magi Necrosi just based on how this game played out for me. Thorns are so crazy since they always do damange when hit, and can be devastaing ot most melee lineups.