Daily fatloss meal example (Dukan diet)

Hello, my posts are examples of meals on the Dukan diet.
It is an easy and inexpensive diet.

Maybe it's a good resolution to make in this new year to start a diet?

I'm looking to monetize the skill and experience I've gained from doing this diet twice ten years apart for myself and for many other people around me.
Feel free to ask questions if you are interested, I am ready to help you.


In this dish we have white pudding cooked in a frying pan, it is a little too rich in lipids, but acceptable as long as no sauce is added. The protein content is interesting and the excess fat should be absorbed by the bran cake.

It is accompanied by leeks cooked in water, so mainly fiber, no fat, very low calorie.

The meal is completed as always by a piece of pancake made from egg white, oat bran and wheat bran.

The oat bran has the property to agglomerate part of the fats, which will be eliminated without being absorbed by the digestive system.
Wheat bran promotes intestinal transit, so you can adjust the amount used according to your transit.

I gave the recipe in a previous post: @serhotest/dukan-diet-bran-patties-receipe

It is a meal low in lipids and carbohydrates, rich in proteins and dietary fibers.
Perfect for #Dukan diet.

As said previously, I lost 10kg in 2 months with this diet. However, I continue to support my wife who also wanted to start a diet, and I allow myself supplements such as fruit or dessert and other extras.
She has only lost 4 kg for the moment, with a not very strict diet, but most important, she has developed a taste for simpler dishes and it is a big step forward.


Interesting 👀


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