Hodl Highlight - Kretch Tallevor



So with all the exciting opportunities currently available on the Splinterlands market, I thought I'd take the initiative to start a new series dubbed 'Hodl Highlights'. In this series of posts, I'll be discussing some particularly interesting cards that are brought to my attention which have the potential to skyrocket in the future - hence the name of the series.

In this post, I'll be talking about ~drumroll~ KRETCH TALLEVOR. This card's been fluctuating from 6.50-8 USD in the past week, but let me tell you why I think it's way more. First, it's one of the cheapest summoner cards at a mana level of 3 - especially as a Dragon splinter! This gives it versatility and allows it to be used alongside any other kind of splinter in battles. This comes in particularly handy for new players to the game, where it may be too expensive to buy other splinters, especially with their current prices.

Furthermore, there's only around 23,000-ish of them in circulation, and only a maximum of 200 being sold at a given time. This means they're held pretty tightly. With the trends of this game and how past splinter cards have behaved, these are destined to pay off to everyone who owns them!

Let me know what you guys think and if there's any other compelling arguments (or discouraging) that I did not make!

Good luck and happy splintering everyone!