Splinterlands Overcapacity Solved With New Reward Cards - Or Not?


When the rental market got started, many of the whales decided to dip a toe in. I think they knew that the full force of their portfolios going in the market would just smother it.

Over the past few weeks, we are seeing two things happening. First, the whales are starting to get in a little past their toefins.

Second, there are tons of new accounts coming in that are just buying walls of inventory and dropping it on the markets at ridiculously low prices.

It's a wake up call to something I've actually been awake to for a while now but many people still don't believe.

Even with all of the new people in splinterlands and the massive price increases, Splinterlands had an overcapacity of cards that would probably take another 5x new accounts from here to fill.


However, I believe these tides are starting to change now with the release of the new reward cards which are being minted in significantly higher amounts. I believe this will motivate the growth of the game's userbase, and encourace people to stick around longer since there is more incentives due to the greater possibilities of earning cards now - and subsequently feeling like you are being rewarded for playing the game!

Let me know what you think of this issue, and if you have any opinions on the future in this regard!