Erling Haaland will move to Juventus in the future.

Interesting information has appeared that the forward of the Dortmund Borussia, Erling Haaland, will move to Juventus in 2022.

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The amount of this transaction will cost Juventus 75 million euros and the player’s transfer will be affected by the good relations of the agent, Mino Rayola, with the Turin club. Erling Haaland moved to Borussia from Salzburg this winter for 45 million euros and Juventus is ready to pay more to have an Erling Haaland in his team, which already speaks of the value of this striker.

For Borussia, the forward managed to play only 8 matches so far, where the player was able to score 11 goals, including a double against PSG in the first game of the 1/8 finals of the Champions League, which ended with the score 2-1. I am deeply convinced that with such amazing statistics the Erling Haaland will have an excellent career, no matter in which club he plays, and in all likelihood Juventus clearly understands this.

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