Today is not enough PIZZA (Day 12: I'm playing the Rising Star game)


Hello everyone
I play Rising Star game every day with great interest. I am focused on doing missions all the time. To get up to speed fast. PIZZA insufficient problems with continuous missions. Today, PIZZA is facing a shortage. With the expiration of PIZZA, we can no longer carry out missions and wait for the energy to return.
Waiting like this is a huge loss. It takes a long time to recharge.
I have's 6 frozen pizzas. It's all gone and no more.
There are not enough Starbits to buy a new one, so we have to wait.
There are very few pizzas found during today's missions.
Today has been a frustrating day for me as I run out of pizzas on missions.
In the days to come, you will have to buy more frozen pizzas to prevent this from happening.
I am now at LEVEL 24. Has done Total Missions 278 times. A total of 88 cards have been purchased. My rank is Ranking: 841. Today it is much higher than yesterday.
Here is the status quo of my one day Rising Star game
I will be able to talk about better progress in the coming days.
Thanks for reading.
Have a nice day.pzz.jpg



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