11 months gone, one more to go.



It's the first day of December, the last year of the month. Eleven months have gone by this year, and we're down to the last month.

Looking back at the months we've passed through this year, this has been the best year for many, and for some, one of the worst, while others, the worst, while for me, it isn't my best year, and neither is it the worst.

Going into the year in January, we had planned the year to be one of our best years, but nature and fate had other plans. From the long bearish market, to the war in Ukraine, the FIFA world cup being held in Qatar, this year has been quite historic.

On the financial side, some people, especially those involved in crypto have suffered massive losses, but all in all, it's been a good year to buy abd hodl for the future.

11 months is gone, there's still one left to complete the year.
What is that goal you wanted to achieve this year?

Have you achieved it yet?