Got Your Posts Ready? You Have Some Time Before Pimp Your Post Thursday on June 23rd at 12pm Eastern



Tomorrow is Thursday and time to share some posts and have a visit on PYPT

Take time out and drop into the show at 12pm EDT to share posts and have some chat. The posts can be yours or someone you really enjoy. We welcome content from where ever you post your work. Bring it along and get some new eyes on it.

Happy Birthday DreemPort

This week @dreemsteem is leading the first birthday celebration of DreemPort. Yes, on June 25th last year DreemPort start to emerge from his embryo stage into what it is today.

To celebrate Dreem has plans that means people will have fun. Want to take part?

Check out this post to participate in the final Market Friday. Read carefully, you could win a cool prize if you participate in Market Friday and follow the instructions.

For the invite to the party on Friday, check this post out. There's another clue in there of what might be coming.

Come along to PYPT, never know what might popup there. Consider it like a warm up to the party on Friday.

How to Join

Jump Into the DreemPort discord server at 12pm EST to take part in PYPT with your posts ready or you can listen in and visit the posts shared.

The purpose of PYPT (Pimp Your Post Thursday) is to build community, give people opportunity to share posts with their peers and to get to know each other on voice and in text. Anyone who creates content is welcome to participate.

Community is important. Coming together as a community of content creators no matter where we create our content is a great way of sharing and learning. So come on in and join the fun. We do have fun.

How to Take Part

Everyone, no matter where you write are welcome to take part on Thursdays at 12pm EST in the DreemPort discord server.

Don’t worry if you’ve never taken part in something like this. You’re welcome to just jump in and listen until you are comfortable. If you want to test it out, we’ll always help people to get started. It’s a friendly bunch.

Never been on Discord? Visit to get it. If you are on laptop or desktop I recommend the app rather than using the browser. Voice issues have often been fixed by switching from browser to app. It’s also available on IOS and Android.

Would You Like A Reminder?

I know, we have busy lives and sometimes we forget things. You can sign up here to get an email reminder sent out a couple of hours before the show starts.

See You Soon


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