When do we speak boldly


When science has given different meaning for reflections, for me reflections is all about "what we are" in general terms. Definitely the community "reflection" has a lot of say and listen. One aspect of reflection that weakens me a lot, is all about speaking - meaning "speaking boldly". An art of learned skill which Iam not good at .


Not all of us are bold enough to retreat or react to anything told against us. May be out of fear!!! But some opposite actions make us bold enough to speak out boldly. Do you know when we tend to be bold? When we are questioned for things that we are not aware of but at the same time expected to be done by othera. And when some peoples are smart enough to find our mistakes whilst sitting silently in the gallery.

Some of them tend to speak boldly with peoples who are a bit lower than them in self esteem, but at the same time the boldness tend to subside when the person holds a high profile in public. This kind of boldness is only for time being. Having a direct eye contact with the person to whom we are to communicate, strengthens our weakness and makes us more confident.

This is possible only when the child is
being rightly guided from a very young age, your child should be taught to distinguish between good and bad. He/she should be bold enough to raise a voice against any happenings against him / her. Such children tend to be bold in future.

Life is a beautiful stage where we come across several characters with different perspectives in life. May be the person whom you met years before will not be the same years after. So be prepared and never expect much, especially, when it comes to your spouse. Because the more you expect and later getting deceived, are the one's who fear to make another attempt.

We react and get an opportunity to speak boldly only when we are sure that someone is there behind us, to either encourage or stand by us. This fact is true to a certain extent.

Early years of marriage are fruitful. But when once acceptance and their needs are not being valued, we lose our inner strength making us a coward to face the world. We turn away when questioned for reasons that are not at our fault. The fear of rising our voice increases.

"Encouraging" or "Understanding" and not "degrading" or "Underestimating" should be the base of any relationship. Such people make wonders in life.

Children growing in a serene environment turn out to be the most patient and capable people in future. Here, the children know what are their needs. They are completely focused on what they are to do. They are bold enough to speak about their needs and stay focused in what they do inorder to attain success.

"Speaking boldly" becomes a skill when a person finds it easy to convey the required message to another in a manner where it is easily understood