A Man

Hello dear everyone,

When someone asks me, who are you? Then naturally I answer, I am a human being. But I know no one expects that. They want my name and much more with the name. As if to understand that it is not easy to give respect. But the funny thing is, we don't respect and treat each other as human beings. We do not respect human beings but only selfishly seek human wealth and achievements, and this can never be called respect or anything good. It goes without saying that where there is no respect for a human being, there is no human being who can respect the work and deeds of a human being.


Coming back to the "who are you" question, there is enough logic to say this in the first instance. I got this advice in the second class of primary. However, it is understandable how difficult reality education was for a man at that age.


My teacher felt it was necessary to hear this word so quickly. The teacher thought that the more you learn in advance, the easier it will be for you to understand the future world and the people of the world.


When the teacher did not see his expected results from my first grade to the second grade, he said, "From class to wherever you are, people will know, know and respect you only when you can do good in those places." And a man can certainly do something good.

And yes, the real thing has not been said. I introduce myself so that people can easily understand that I am a human being who has grown up through struggle and war. I believe that if you can't do something, you can do it. This is the normal life of a human being. Remember that normalcy has its own rules, there are no rules of abnormality. So we as human beings should live our lives through naturalness in order to have a beautiful world and live well.

But at the present time one forgets to respect the other person naturally. We should all respect people as human beings first. Then man will regain his own dignity, which makes a man naturally eager to do something beautiful and good.

All will be well ....


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