Mercy Of Life


The child is the most precious gift of mercy for a father and mother given by Almighty Allah. And some of the words or questions in the mind of almost all the parents of our present time. Why are our children disobedient to the parents? Why children do not love father and mother from the heart? Why do children discriminate in the care of father and mother? Also, at the present time, father and mother are secretly searching for various questions!
That is, the child who comes into the world as a mercy given by Allah. Why does he or she not stay with his parents after the mercy of Allah, etc...!
Most of us forget the natural thing that when a man and a woman live a chaste life in their married life, Allah is pleased to give them children as a gift of holy and beautiful love for their husbands and wives.

And in the same way, if a couple lives a life of chastity and seek revenge on each other for revenge, and sometimes knowingly or unknowingly starts seeking children from Allah. Then Allah is angry and crushed to give birth to that couple to give birth to that couple in a painful and shameful way.

The child who comes into the world as a mercy of Allah, that child is the best in all respect and the greatest gift given by Allah to all fathers and mothers.

We think our children will be like us, that is, like mothers or fathers. Then when the child sees, hears and realizes after the hope in the world that there is no good relationship, between the father treats the disobedient mother or mother unjustly! Then Allah puts the child in the world as a third entity with the entity of father and mother, which then creates distance with that father and mother.

Then, when we fathers and mothers start making false love to the child like the truth, then Allah has taught the child to understand the truth and falsehood in the same way as the father and mother. And since then the respect and love for father and mother has risen from the minds of the children. However, the father and mother who realizes their mistake and seeks forgiveness from the heart of Almighty Allah, Almighty Allah has to fix everything.

We often ask children, who loves you more father or mother? Then the child understands very easily, someone loves him or her less. Most parents do not understand this! In this way, at a very young age one can understand the distance of love between father and mother. And in this way the children understand the opportunity and loves the father and mother but there is no respect in it. If the father and mother love every child equally and do everything and teach the truth then the child will never disrespect the father and mother.
I finished shortly. InshaAllah if Allah wills you will know more later.


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