Gift//The inkwell writing prompt

At the end of the year at Adele high school, students do celebrate carol, an event that was aimed at showing bond as family. The event was characterized with dancing, singing, eating, and the exchange of gifts. A month before the event, a folded paper is passed around containing the names of the students, whoever you pick his/her name, you buy a gift for that person, and also pray for that particular someone.
Alfred, a dark, short, and handsome guy was worried about what to buy for Jennifer after he picked her name. Jennifer was known to be of high demand, and coming from a poor family he knew whatever he bought may not be appreciated by her. He only wished at the end of the event, she would understand it wasn't about the gift but the symbol of love the event represented.

Everyone was worried about what to buy for the person they chose, and were desperate to know who actually picked their name.
"I wish Samuel would be the one who had picked my name" Jennifer said to her friends who were also wishing someone wealthy had selected their name.

"Unfortunately, we don't always know until the day of the event" Carolina replied, squeezing the paper she was holding.

"Whose name did you pick?" Jennifer asked.
"Dele, that talkative in class" she said as they both laughed in unison.
"I hope he ties his tongue not to spread around what you've given him on that day". Deborah asked amidst laughter.
"Let's just do our best, but I don't want to buy something expensive then receive something less expensive," Jennifer said.
"Me too," her friends replied.


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The next day, everyone tried to enquire who had picked their names but no one was allowed to tell his partner until the day of the event. However, some did tell, while others remained quiet about it.
"What do you suggest I buy for Jennifer" Alfred asked his friend, "remember I want something cheap but yet valuable for her to appreciate".
After some minutes, Desmond whispered into Alfred's ear. He seems to have loved his suggestion as he nodded his head in agreement.

It was carol day. All the students dressed in red and white. A sign of love and friendship. Everyone couldn't wait for the moment of exchanging gifts, the gifts were perfectly wrapped, they could only imagine what was inside the wrapped box. The carol started with singing of songs which was done by each of the classes, followed by dancing. Then it was turn for the exchange of gifts, everyone waited patiently to see who had picked their names.
"Alfred gave his gift to Jennifer," the coordinator announced.
Jennifer, grimmed, she had wished it was Samuel, now knew whatever Alfred would offer wouldn't be something she would appreciate. Reluctantly, she stood and went forward to get her gift. It was in a small box neatly wrapped. She wondered what he had bought to have wrapped it this well. She gave a forceful smile not to expose her sadness to him. Soon the coordinator called the other students and everyone received their gifts, some were pleased with it while others were annoyed with what they got.

Jennifer couldn't wait to reach home to unwrap what Alfred had given to her. Gently she unwrapped it as her friends stared eagerly awaiting the surprise. She opened the box and saw a pair of red shoes, she couldn't believe Alfred had given her such a gift. She shouted with joy.
"I couldn't have wished for anything better," she said. Red was her favorite.