Goal Setting

People with goals succeed because they know where they're going.

Have you ever set a goal? Well! I have never, I just walk Around with no direction, accepting everything that comes as fate and maybe that's one of the reasons I never knew where my destination was, but that changed this year. It's common to give up planning and goal setting when one or more of our original plans fail, at some point it feels like life doesn't work with our goals and you have no choice than to live randomly expecting nothing. It might seem to work fine until you realize that you're blinded and don't know where you're going or know exactly when you're at the peak of your dreams.


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Goal setting not only helps us know where we are going, but motivates us to work harder in meeting those goals we have set. I started to realize the importance of goal setting as I approached adulthood. I know there's a future, but that future only holds what I have imagined and worked for. Most people end up becoming that which they dreamt and worked for, sometimes it starts like a random talk and gradually it becomes what they truly want and sooner or later they begin to work for it until they become it.

You can't become what you never dreamt or worked for and you have nothing to motivate you if you have no destination. If you care much about your future, setting a goal is one important thing to make a habit. The future is the product of that which you have written down, imagined, dreamt of, and worked for, it doesn't happen coincidentally. Sometimes I wish I had started setting goals earlier, I wish I had actually started working on my future, but now is the second best time according to a Chinese quote. Set goals and work toward them