Gold Isn't all that is in Life


There's a story of a king who had fame and riches. He could afford all he needed, his house was decorated with beautiful ornaments, he had men and women servants clothes in beautiful attires, people bow before him and he earned the respect he desired. There's nothing he needed that he never had except time, he ruled for some years then died. He wasn't allowed to join his ancestors but was made a magic dragon to serve certain masters for a while before the gate of heavens would be open to him. He served nine masters and all lived that life of Fame he expected of them until he met his tenth master who was to be the last one before journey his ancestors. It was during his service with him that he realized the beauty of life was not in the fame and gold, but the truthful relationship one had with humans. He never enjoyed that friendship while he was a king, he had the wrong mindset that everything was about gold, but no, contentment and love for humanity was the greatest of a man's gain.


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Riches can't buy happiness, we surely would enjoy life's luxury, men would bow before us, and we would have power but it also would deprive us of that one great thing if we allow the influence of such a gold control us. Nothing is of more value than serving humanity, and it's through service for humanity are heros recognized, but one can not truly serve when he is deficient of the key factor "Love". Gold is not everything, gold can't buy happiness. A man living under a thatch house can be more happier than a man living in a duplex or storey building. Friendship, love, service are greater than gold. Money has wings and can fly but the impact of those three elements mentioned above remain forever and when we are old that's the one thing we would cherish most as a memory. Spread love, show friendship, and serve humanity.