How to go broke In Under a year


Ever wondered how you can become poor in just a short time? Maybe unconsciously you had believed those millions or billions is too much to be spent, or had never thought about it at all. Relax, let me show you how to go broke under a year before you make a decision on which path to follow.

Have you ever heard of the saying;

Enjoy before you die?

That was my favorite quote some years ago. I was young then, maybe my little brain wanted me to enjoy life to it fullest and I was readily available. I enjoyed, but death never came and now I have the consequences to face. My philosophy seemed to be wrong, I forgot the future was waiting and there was no excuse for my negligence. The thing with money is that it has wings, it flies, what you do with it determines if it will ever fly back to you or is gone forever. There's no much things about ways to go broke, it's simple- keep spending and spending on luxurious items until you have just a Kobo left. All I mean is, keep spending on things you don't want and that's it.


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A friend once told me;

If you buy things you don't want, you would soon start to sell things that you want.

I never understood what he meant, I kept digging to get the actual meaning but I couldn't until a year later. I don't know who made that statement but that person was right, when we're done buying the things we don't want, we are left empty except that we sell that which we have to maintain our financial stable. Now let's dig a little to things that could make us go broke under a year.

Spending on thing we don't need
I have done this a lot of times. As long as I had money, I keep spending on things I really did not need. I would mostly go for something bigger of that which I already have, like a bigger television. Within a few month, I became broke. Yeah, it was very easy. The key was mismanagement.

Buy liabilities
Buy stuffs like cars, a lot of them. Go for those expensive dresses and shoes, etc. In a year, you should look like the man in that picture. Buying liabilities is just the opposite of buying assets like investing in hive-engine token, there are a lot of them. So if you ever want to go broke in such a short time, don't buy asset, buy liabilities.

Collect loans and keep having debts
Yeah, debt can make you a poor man even while you're still enjoying your wealth. Keep away from debt and remain alive or stay in debt and live as a rich-poor man. It's all a decision, but becoming broke is much easier than staying rich.