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My Dreamland has consistently changed over time. At one point I wanted to travel to Paris, London, and Russia, not because of something peculiar but to witness a different kind of life from my current one. However, not anymore, now I prefer to travel to Dubai. I got the passion for Dubai from the stories I heard from a friend who traveled there for a holiday. She explored almost every part of it and the story was captivating enough to fuel my interest. From the record, Dubai is a young city and it became developed after she discovered some precious stones , pearls, gold and oil. Over time, the country has evolved and has some fascinating things about them.


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I love beauty, I could sit and watch it all day. I learned Dubai is a birder's paradise. Several species of birds from different countries settle there or fly past the city during summer. How beautiful it is to watch several beautiful flocks of birds migrate or settle in a well decorated garden. Not only is it a place for bird lovers but also for those who like wonders. Dubai has the tallest building based on a flower, the building is about 2,716 feet tall, that's something to see, probably explore its interiors and appreciate the work of intelligence.

Finally, I learned Dubai has several varieties of dishes from all over the world, it may not be African meals but those intercontinental dishes that one desires to try. I like to explore new things and Dubai is a home for several of those new things. I desire to visit the islands, the deserts, the metro drivers, the parks, the heights and see for myself how marvelously a young country had built itself from what seems like nothing to such a great city.

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