Surviving An Economic meltdown//When the dip gets deep


A long time ago in Egypt when there was going to be famine, Joseph gave just one advice;

Let them gather all the food of those good years that come, and lay up corn in the hands of pharaoh.

This had been the surest way to escape famine for centuries, "gathering". This gathering could be likened to investment in our current time. Another example was given of ants which gather during the summer a lot of food in their holes awaiting winter. Our ability to survive an economic meltdown is directly proportional to how well we have prepared beforehand, we don't prepare in an economic meltdown, we prepare for it. This means every preparation comes way ahead of the time. We can only survive the future and whatever it holds if we make an investment, not just any investment but one that has a promising return/profit.


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I have just a little knowledge about cryptocurrency, but I strongly believe buying a lot of tokens and staking them for the future is one of the best ways to handle a forthcoming meltdown. One could buy tokens with little value hoping it will increase in price in the future. Again, if you're good in cash flow, I advise one to invest in a business with a good cash flow or probably start to learn how to identify businesses with a good cash flow and invest in one.

Savings is another strategy that works. Have a separate account where you send in a little amount of money daily, weekly, or monthly. You'll be amazed at how much you've accumulated at the end of the year. If this is done repeatedly for some years, one could have enough money to take you through the recession or economic meltdown. Spend moderately, and save moderately. Don't starve yourself trying to save, you might not survive to see the economic meltdown, therefore, eat as much as you save.

Finally, stay out of debt. imagine you just got 1 billion, then all of sudden you realized you owe debts worth 900 million. That's more like you had the entire money to settle for debts and not live comfortably. To survive any economic meltdown, you must be one who has no debt hanging on his neck, because your debtors will come knocking.