Demand Style


*Demand Style
A very sinful person went to perform Hajj.
He grabbed the cover of the Ka'bah and said,
"This pilgrimage is called pilgrimage and the word Hajj has two letters," H "refers to your command and" C "refers to my crime.
Then forgive me my sin by your command.
Sounds! O my servant, how great are your requests!

He calls out again in a new way: "My Forgiving Lord! O caveat!
The river of your forgiveness is passionate about the forgiveness of sinners and the treasure of your mercy is open to every question.
Divine! The pilgrimage to this house is called Hajj, and Hajj consists of two letters "H" and "J". I need relief from "H" and "C" I have your own interests.
May your need be fulfilled for your need.
The voice said, "O young man, what praise do you have, then say".

He began again to say: O Creator Universe!
Your self is free from all defects and weaknesses, you have put your veil on Muslims.
My Lord calls pilgrimage to this house Hajj has two letters "H" and "J".
If "H" means my peace of faith and "C" means your glory, then with the blessing of your glory keep the call of faith of this infinitely weak man from the devil. "
The voice said,
"O my most sincere lover and sincere servant!
You have given me my commandments and whatever you ask of my glory and glory.
Our duty is to pay the price of the beggar, but this is it.
" Even if you ask for something, you know how to ask for it.
(Or even give sinners and helpers a plea for sinners like Allah).


He said, 'Stop doing wrong things and turn back to God! The kingdom of heaven is almost here.'(Matthew 3:2)

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