Imran Khan's address to the nation was broadcast live on channels all over the world


Imran Khan's address to the nation was broadcast live on channels all over the world.
and since then there have been comments that summarize the following:

Imran Khan's action against Corona would have saved us billions of dollars if we had taken it -
China Global TV Network

If Imran Khan had been Prime Minister of Italy, our country would not be presenting a scenario of helplessness today -
AB Channel, Italy

We have to accept Imran Khan as his caliph otherwise our country will go down further -
Iranian News Channel

We are proud that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a friendship with Imran Khan which will help the UK to learn a lot -
BBC London

It's time for Donald Trump to seek guidance from the Pakistani prime minister for at least an hour a week - CNN, Washington

Imran Khan is a shining example of hope and leadership for the UN at this time -
Secretary General UN

If you are feeling the burning sensation of your visit after reading all these comments then do not panic, you do not have to do it but you have the disease of ill omen. ۔ ۔
It has neither vaccine nor treatment. The only solution is to keep reading and posting such posts every day


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