What is needed to live longer

Everyone who has a long-term life goal of course he will try to do everything the best that he thinks can bring him to the final destination, actually this is not thought of by most people, only a few people have big intentions and they continue to make preparations for the sake of success. preparation to achieve it, no matter how difficult the bulk is at hand because they are already committed to their long-term mission.

Last night while enjoying coffee with friends in a cafe we ​​saw a health expert on television talking about this, talking about an individual who has a lifespan of up to a hundred years, this interests me, actually I am someone who doesn't like watching the news in the curfew is especially related to politics, but the news last night was different, they were about long-term and healthy living.

The health expert discussed that there are some very important things to do so that life has a long period starting from choosing the type of food, clothing, sports and other lifestyles, in his discussion he (the health expert) alludes to the name Kane Tanaka, the oldest woman in the world. who was born in 1903 he has a age of about 106 years, a long life I noticed all the viewers who were present in the studio and in the cafe where I had coffee looked tense and impressed by this information, from the movements of all viewers we can conclude that overall want get a long life.

You know the hardest part about diet and exercise? If you do it you will get results, but when you don't you will find nothing or nothing happens.

The health expert started to explain two important keywords for everyone who wants to live a long life namely exercise and diet, my friends turned their eyes to me, because my body doesn't look like that, they smiled and said you will live shorter, I can only laugh, but their words are true if it is assumed from the words of health experts in the television media.

Not all types of exercise can give a person a long life, the only best exercise in question is respiratory exercise, the health expert said if a person has good breathing then he can be sure he will live a little longer when compared to those who difficulty breathing.

What does that have to do with diet? The question asked by an audience in the question and answer session, the health expert said yes, that's a topic that I have not discussed, but now I will explain for you and all viewers, then the health expert asks the question back, have you ever eaten very full? Like your condition, does it make it easier for you to breathe or make it difficult for you? I can assure you it will only get you in trouble, so diet is the perfect match for breathing exercise. Anyone who wants to have smooth breathing, the first thing to do is to regulate the breath and the second to avoid all the things that make it difficult.

Then the health expert also continued, in addition to breathing exercise and diet, there are other bad habits that are carried out by almost all people, especially men, namely smoking & consuming alcohol, it will require someone to live a shorter life, said the health expert with an apology while apologizing. The audience and the company weren't offended, but if you think about it, it's absolutely true, every time we finished smoking we could feel our breaths being held in a place where it was hard to come to the surface.

Now we can conclude that to have a longer life is to do two things and leave two things, the first thing is to do breathing exercises and diet, while the second thing is to leave cigarettes and alcohol, in this way It is certain that life has a chance to be a little longer when compared to those who don't do it that way.

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