Blaster X game project, Devlog #5 - Sync movements between players



I have been struggling with realtime stuff of my game last week, sync a game between multiplayer is harder than I thought, but In the other hand is very interesting to doing so.

Handling a simple timer to notification to all users about countdown for start a match for example; should face it with a different approach than a normal web application, It should be accurate for all users at same time, some players couldn't start before than others. Also there are should be validations when a something goes wrong, for example loss of connection, poor connection, a user leave the match etc. All of this should be handled carrefully for not affect the user experience whe they are playing the game.


You can see in the previous game scene how two clients are connected simultaneously, when I move the player in the left window, the player in the right window is moving too. Now the important here is get a constant and consistent movement of the same player in the two windows.

Little by little this project is taking shape, Sync every elements could take time, but I have solved every problem I have faced, so I think this will work soon.

What is the correct approach for online multiplayer games?

Talking about it with a friends, I can see that each one of them use a different workaround for the same issue. The truth is the problem could face it using different workarounds, now the goal is look for the optima for this game.

I found this, this guy explain a way for face a part of this issue. Check it out.


I am working hard to have a demo soon, please don't stop following this game project.

I send a shout out to you guys!



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All graphics resources of the game was taken from

Tools, Libraries, Frameworks

I appreciate the constant support from 🙏


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