Blaster X game project, Devlog #6 - Adding action to the scene



New update of my game.

Hello hive community! 👋

After I changed my technology stack of my gaming web site, as I commented in my last post, I have continue making important improvements, and fixes in my game these days. For example, I created a buffer data in the server to store all information about the real time game; player positions and states, tracking created objects, a timer for everything to happen in a accurate way (well, almost), etc. it will improve the performance and the synchronization of the game of course, although this would need more improvement eventually.

I also was working in new features of the game, now users can shoots to other players, and steals his coins, the players change the color when they are hit for the shoot and the score text shows the number of coins collected.


Faced challenges

Sometimes the changes in your project can be imperceptible, or they can seem insignificant, but it is necessary to solve all the problems that arise even if they take a long time.

Basically I had rewrite the 80% of the game code, include de web site (for the web site I explained it here), Why? well, it was a necessary step, for example the real time sync issue, the colisions, and the way and how the players was controlled need to be fixed in some point because they would give some problems eventually, and I preferred to work on it now.

Part of being a game developer and a any developer overall is, make better decisions, improve code, etc. In my case it is a personal project and I have chance of make changes, but in client projects we don't have all the time in the world and the decisions made should not affect the delivery times of the final product.


Every day has a new challenge for us, sometimes a small and easy task can become a really difficult task, but the important thing is to take it calmly and with courage.

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This project stills under development, but please don't stop following it. If you have any questions or suggestion leave it in the comments section.

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