A Housekeeper Mom Has No Break



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My mom was a housewife and I saw her working even she had fever, cold, back pain and so many complications in her body. She was restless and dedicated her whole life for the family consisting five members. She passed away and couldn’t rest before rest in peace. In 2015 we lost her forever, though she will alive in our heart and memories! I don't want to talk about her sacrifices because it may make me cry. So for now skipping it and focusing to the title of the blog.

Housekeeper mothers doesn’t have any leave from her regular job, she gets no salary for her regular contribution for family even they gets no appreciation from their husband and children. It was same about my mom, she had such a bad family. And we only realize the priority of something valuable when we lost it and we become so helpless and late to correct our errors or mistakes. So before losing the chance you can bring the happiness for your mom who is contributing to your family daily and restlessly. How? Here I'll tell you how you can do it.

Sometimes your good behavior can make her happy. Sometimes we do not need to tell her that how much we love her but express it through words or activities. Bring flowers, sweets or something she likes to have. At least monthly we can do it. We can celebrate mothers day, she doesn’t expect grand parties from us so make it simple and loving. She will be happy. Do not use rude words when talk to her, it hurts badly and when you hurt your mom, Almighty will get disappointed and life will be hell.


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Did you ever think that a housekeeper mom has no break from her regular job so try to cook on her behalf at least once in a week and plan for weekend outing or shopping with her. Having a family picnic would be a great idea. This kind of things will help her to be more happy and her daily activities will be more easy to her. If you can afford then you can hire a maid as a helping hand of your mother. Once I had wish that when I've a good amount of money I'll hire a maid to help my Mom but my wish just remain a wish.

We can celebrate her birthday or special days like anniversary. A mom hardly found forgets the birthday of her children as my mom never forgets birthdays of my siblings and mine. She always cooked special foods and our favourite foods in our birthday. She never missed a chance to make our birthday special but now there are very few people remember it and no more celebration. A person who lost mother is the helpless and poor and they are out of luck too.

So if you are lucky enough to have a mother please try to take care of her. A service holder mom is also a struggler, she may doesn’t have time for housekeeping but she is a warrior like other housekeeper moms and she deserves the same respect and priority. Salute to the job of a mother and nothing can be replace with this role.

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