Animals Are Better Than We Human


There are many times animals proved themselves better than we human but I've seen some quality that animals are having really great and that is the discussion topic of this blog. Hope the discussion will remind us to be a better human and we should learn from animals too.

First of all, we human can talk and express feelings through words that other animals can't. Animals can't talk and they doesn’t hurt others by telling lies and bad words and here animals are better than we human. The more we talk, the more we invite troubles but animals are in safe side as they don’t rough words to hurt others but we human do it. Our tongue is soft but sharp enough to break a heart. Misuse of our tongue sometime become the reason of other's tears which is not good.

We are blessed that we are human but our biological activity is same as other animals. We should be thankful to Almighty to created us as human but if we don't have humanity then there is no difference between we human and other animals. As human we should know the right use of tongue and other organs and when we misuse of it, we will be only human by shape. Other animals if trained well they can be the best friend of human and they will never hurt others.

As human we can smile and laugh but other animals can't. Sometimes we human laugh at others to make fun or to insult others when animals never going to do this so they are better than us. Sometimes we human become beast and harm others but there are many animals become friends and do not harm others like a beast. So here once again we can see other animals are better than we human. We are powerful as human because we have brain to think, we have sense of good or bad, we can talk and smile that other animals can't. But having these qualities are not enough to be a human, without humanity we are just like other animals.

Animals are more trustworthy than human and we human can cheat others but animals can't. Animals shout when they physically tortured but we human shout when start quarreling , become angry, become arrogant and with the purpose of hurting others, this is absolutely inhumanity. Animals are better than us and we can learn from them to be a human being.

Thanks For Reading