How You Covering Your Monthly Expenses?


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Greetings Leo Friends, how is life? Hope all is well over there. This morning I was thinking about a lots of thing and amongst all my finance is always my priority. See almost end of the July we have reached, new month bringing new expenses. July for me was a big month as I've spent a lots of money out of my budget. It was more than $300 USD. But it was just for the month when festivals organized to celebrate. My observation about my personal finance is that I can cover my regular monthly expenses in $200 but I need to earn it monthly.

As we know the up down of crypto currencies so people who depends on crypto earning, need to hold patience and waiting for the right time. For many $200 is a little amount but for me decent amount enough. I can cover my monthly expenses with it so every month I try to focus making at least $200. At the very beginning of the month I pay home rent and other rents and I set a budget to spend my money. A good amount of coin in wallet make me feel financially secure because when crypto pump, it will help earning for next few months.

At the end of this July expecting a good jump in crypto, if it doesn’t pump then the holdings will carried forward to the next month or until it will reach our expectations. Crypto currencies are supporting many individuals around the world, I'm one of them. I know that we should try multiple earning source but crypto currencies are helpful enough too.

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Many people investing on crypto consider as their side business and I think they are really wise as they are not depending on a particular money making source. For me $200 is good enough for regular monthly expenses but not good enough when festivals come and unexpected expenses come. We can make a good balance by saving a small amount from our regular income. How is that? For example, my earning is net $200 and I can make a budget of $180 and save $20 aside. After 5-10 month I can accumulate $100-$200 which can cover our festival expenses in a year.

Many of you has already decent income may no need to have any budget to save money every month but for lower middle class with poor earning can follow this and when we can save some, we have no need to ask for loan or borrow from others. You may have some other strategies to cover your monthly expenses. Few expenses appear surprisingly, such as this month I've spent approximately $6 for my medicine as I had ring worm and other skin issues. This way every month a new expenditure may appear so we also need to add $10 extra in our budget or we can compromise some expenses to save money for next occasion or festival.

In festival we spend money for family. No one will ask you that if you are run out of money or not but you have to spend extra money in festival for family maintenance. Crypto pumping is really very helpful during the festival, we can't fill the need of extra expenses for friends and family. But things always not ready made for us so better we get ready for it since the beginning of the year. Christmas is in December every year so when we manage our expenses from the January and start saving money we can celebrate a better Christmas with friends and family. For me $500 in a month is decent income but $200 can cover my monthly expenses so far. What about you?

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