Draw This In Your Style Challenge: Cuddle me cat


Hello Hivers,

Have you seen this look before? I bet you did when your pet looks like need a warm touch or cuddle. I was thinking about creating a cat drawing to follow the previous DTIYS Challenge I made last Caturday. I don't have a particular inspiration for this drawing but I am thinking about a cuddle me cat kind of vibe. I must admit that I was surprised and pleased to see the outcome. The red fish plushie I think is a nice touch to suggests that the cat needs a cuddle 🐈😹😹😹Hope you like it ❤️❤️❤️

If you are looking for something to create and are lacking in motivation or inspiration then I challenge you to Draw This In Your Style Go ahead and make your own version of this drawing. Use your own style of drawing because that is the beauty of this challenge.

Why not give it a try and show us your drawing. You may use the hash tag #dtiys so we can find them easily. If you are already a member of the DTIYS community you may simply post your creation here and help us grow. If you want to subscribe to the DTIYS community simply click on this link . Can't wait to see your entries.