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Sorry to hear this news.

We have all lost money at some point due to numbers. It stings, but it teaches.

I use the little square to the right of wallet addresses exactly for the situation you describe. It copies the address to your clipboard automatically. It is surprisingly easy to somehow highlight, copy and paste the numbers wrong.

In addition I always do a test transaction, not because I am smart, but because I have sent money to the wrong address before and lost it. It stung a lot, but it teaches.

Good Luck with your future transfers.

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Shall I tell you something.....!

I sent 10HBD as test transaction 🤣

Actually, I had to convert all the 34 hbd in my wallet. But then I thought I should send some smaller amount.

!LOLZ . I was mistaken at choosing the smaller number as 10.....

As you said..... it stung but it taught the lesson

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