When Life Gives You Victories, Episode 3 - Splinterlands


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Another one of those lucky battles where the mana-cap is 99 and Aim True makes it so that melee and range attacks can't miss.I saw that the ruleset also allowed for all Splinters but that magic monsters were not allowed. This usually means that it'll be a battle between two teams of only melee and range monsters. In order to avoid the trap of setting up a melee teem against an Earth Splinter team led by Mylor Crowling whose shared Thorn ability would tear me to shreds, I put Goblin Mech as my first, Warrior of Peace to lower enemy melee, Hero from Beyond to be front-line attacker in case the previous two are defeated, Sand Worm for guaranteed heavy damage, Air Elemental for hard to hit range-attacker, and Silvershield Sheriff for more range damage -- all of whom are protected by my summoner Lorna Shine's Divine Shield which ignores all first attacks. My opponent went with a golden Harklaw that reduces melee damage, Undead Rex, Mantoid with Snipe, Twisted Jester also with Snipe, Uraeus with Sneak, and Skeletal Assassin with Sneak -- all of who have Owster Rotwell's magic-reflect because I guess they assumed I would go with a magic team in a battle that doesn't allow magic lol
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At round 2, my enemy lost Skeletal Assassin and my Silver Shield Assassin took a little damage from Uraeus but the enemy Harklaw and Mantoid have also taken damage.
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At round three, the enemy has lost Mantoid and I still haven't lost any monsters yet. It's just a barrage of heavy melee and range attacks, and despite Harklaw's Shield ability they don't stand a chance.
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At round 4, the enemy just has Undead Rex and Twisted Jester left but they are not long for this world. My line up is still strong but Warrior of Peace has been worn down to 3 health.
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In the end, Undead Rex is sent back to the dinosaur graveyard and not a single monster from my heavy-hitting life team has fallen which I was very impressed with.
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I won 38 Rating and 11 Dark Energy Crystals from this battle.

If you'd like to see the fight in real-time, here is the Desktop Replay & Mobile Replay

Silvershield cowboy reminding the enemy who's boss

Hero from Beyond zooming in for the kill

Goblin Mech facing off against Undead Rex at the end

Image Sources: Splinterlands website, GIPHY website, and thanks to @saviib for the awesome @shortshots logo below.

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(@shortsegments, @saviib, and I started a guild -- The Black Bulls! Check us out on Splinterlands!)
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