BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! 4️⃣"Fab Four"4️⃣ Rule


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Hi there lovely and creative people of Hive World,
Hope you all are fine and having a fine day

I will take a little break in participating in Splinterlands weekly challenges after this blog. Because my ticket booked to other city to attend yearly event. But I will re-start with these challenges when I get back to my home. Maybe I will spend 25-30 days approx.

I will also missed my brawl fights huh, I think there is still no option to play brawl from (android mobile), I will miss those brawl fights Hahah and some SPS and Merits 😍.

Ok, this week challenge is little new one Haha and I am thinking why the team forget about this in those past years 🤣🤣
However I am Bronze league player but yeah I still enjoy playing this game.

If you are playing Splinterlands so this weekly challenge is for you, to share your tips and tricks with given Rule. You can Jump to original contest blog by Splinterlands

Players who are not getting a real boost on their blogs need to visit this blog by Mr. Underlock Splinterlands contests - voting criteria

Now back to the Challenge 👇





Up to four Units can be used.

Yes, this is it... not more than 4 monsters Haha
There should be any strategy but one have to choose 4 team players...


Rules of Combat and My Strategy

Rules of Combat 👉

I saw Fab Four rule and Yeah, I remember about weekly challenge.
It was also 42 MANA battle so I preferred having Magic and BloodLust.
So I pick 3 magic attackers and two of them have BloodLust ability.
I picked reach monster for first position. It wasn't my idea but I don't have much time left to pick my monster HAHA

I was afraid if there were any reflect back ability in my opponent team but thanks, there wasn't...

My Battle Line-up

Death element - Summoner - OCTAVIA SHADOWMELD

I picked her to have one bloodlust monster and -1 health to go hard on my enemies HAHA. I am not using this summoner frequently. So I wasn't sure picking it for the battle.



I picked this 2nd position monster at front position because I don't have much time to think haha and this one looks perfect for me (that time...)


I was planning to go with Magic attackers and this one have high attack, so I picked it to finish those enemy monsters quickly HEHE.

Witch of Warwick

I picked her for bloodlust ability but I was afraid by her low health.
She did fine, not winning shots but she did fine in the team


Usut did great job with its Magic attacks and increasing after every kill haha. It was the real monster in the field 💪


My Opponent

My opponent XIDAO comes with GENERAL SLOAN summoner to give extra attack to its Range attackers and put high health Mele attacker at first position. The strategy was totally fine but after taking his first monster, there were only range attackers and they can't hit from 1st position.

My Opponent Battle Line-up

Life element - Summoner - GENERAL SLOAN

Opponent Line-up

The Purifier
Anachron Bolter
Commander Goff


Winning Reasons

I am not very good on it to talk about...
but here what I think, are the reason of MY WIN 👇

  • My Opponent comes more Range attackers, those can't hit from first position
  • There were no defense for Magic attacks
  • I have bloodLust Monsters that increase their stats after every kill.

My strategy works all good and I won this battle, it wasn't best team from my side. I picked some really low health and one is very slow as well but I won this battle 🎉🎉


Hope You enjoyed the battle and this blog as well,

All Images on this blog are
  • My own created
  • ScreenShots of Splinterlands game

And I used OBS Studio for screen recording and ClipChamp online tool for (little editing)
Thanks for the Visit

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