The Secret Of Becoming Godly.


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When I was a kid, I tried to awaken the divine powers.

I would sit across a candle and stare at the tip of the flame for an hour. And sometimes more. Everyday.

I thought if I would be able to astral project, I could then see the women naked.

I wanted to see the women naked.

But all I did ever see was the darkness.

I gave up.

And then mobiles became mainstream. And then data. And then porn. And I no longer required to astral project.

Science killed the need for divine powers.

After I entered into college. I became an atheist.

As you grow and transition to an environment that encourages more independent thoughts. You become more conscious about what's happening in the world, than brawls in the street.

As I became more learned and aware. I witnessed the suffering and chaos prevailing in different parts of the world.

It convinced me that there is no god. And he doesn't work in the way we thing he does.

He doesn't have an Elder's Wand that can vanish people's miseries with a swing.

God didn't seem even a match for the Harry Porter. How could he be the Supreme?

Then I grew up some more. And life had more questions. And It drove me to learn and explore and try to find answers.

All kinds of higher learnings are ambiguous.

The structure of an atom or the theory of relativity.

No one has ever witnessed them firsthand.

A lot of science is Mathematics, and a lot of it is just making sense of the observations.

That's how science unearths the unknown.

Rationally making sense of the observations using what is known.

Science is ambiguous. It always have been. It doesn't and can not have all the answers.

If you found a place at earth where the ground repels the objects. And scientists couldn't find why.

Newton's law would stand void.

We might never find one, but we can never completely rule away the possibility.

Unless we have observed each and every part of the earth's crust.

There can be some aspects that are still unknown to humans.

A lot of science is different than what it was decades ago.

Because the ambiguity relapsed as research progressed. And things turned out to be different than how they were supposed.

Science can only make a part of the unknown to be known. But there seems to be no end to the unknown.

And such realizations turned me into an agnostic. Made me see a world where everything could be possible and somethings might not.

When your mind becomes more accommodating of the unseen, unexperienced and contrasting thoughts and beliefs. It ends up changing you.

May be not always the religious inclination. But primarily the soul and intellect.

You become more empathetic to people and their unique identities. You become more accommodative of the diversity.

And more than anything else you stop analyzing people in binary. You become more lovable towards everyone. Towards humanity.

And it is the first step to become godly.

Humans already have the divine power.

Anything and everything you can see around is the invention of a human brain.

First wireless phone call was made in 1973 using a handheld cellular phone.

If you would've told people 45 years ago, that they will be able to connect and talk to anyone within seconds, with the help of invisible waves present in the thin air. They would've laughed at you.

But here we are.

Mind is known to be the most complex apparatus. It has tremendous power to achieve unimaginable realms, both inside and outside of us.

'Bhagvad Geeta' is a holy text of us Hindus, its knowledge has been passed over 5000 years ago.

It says -

Senses are above the body. Without senses body is mere a lob of fat.

Mind is above the senses. It has the power to tame them.

Intellect is above the mind.

And soul, the real you, is above the intellect.

But the senses create disorders and turbulences in mind.

For the senses wander, and when one lets the mind follow them, it carries the wisdom away. Like a windblown ship on the waters.

The Hindu theology specifies six enemies of human mind - (kam) lust or desire, (krodh) anger, (lobh) greed, (moh) attachment, (mad) ego and (matsarya) jelousy.


The existence of senses bolster these vices in every human. In proportions determined by the mind control he can practice in various aspects of life.

Out of these lust, anger and greed are referred to as the three doorways to hell in Bhagvad Geeta.

Anyone who can control these sensory distractions with his mind instead of letting them dictate the mind and consequently inspiring actions that feed them. Is no longer a mere human.

Anyone whose actions are not inspired by any of these vices. Is godly indeed.

That's why sadhus adopt celibacy. And That's why Gautam Buddha renounced his wealth and all the worldly pleasures and was able to attain enlightenment.

Letting go of the underlying causes and inspirations of all forms of worldly desires and pursuits. Is how you dissipate the need to experience anything outside of you. And that's how you become godly. the absolute pinnacle of it.

To give everything up and to still have nothing to gain, is not the realm most humans would be comfortable in. Without awakening the god within.

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