Ode to a Little Angel Made of Stone

BW statue 01.jpg

There's a little angel made of stone, standing among the headstones.
She's holding her hands together and looking up toward heaven.
Her face is pretty and her hair is flowy.
She has been there since the 18th century.

BW statue 08.jpeg

But she's a bit broken, if you can see.
Weather and city development erode her beauty.
People have tried to glue it back together.
But I think it's not really working for now or later.

BW statue 10.jpeg

With so much putty here and there, poorly applied.
Her pretty face looks so sad.
It's a pity to see her like this.
I just hope she can last a few more centuries.

This is my entry for the #monomad challenge
Held by Black And White Community

All pictures are mine, taken with Redmi Note 10s.