Vintage 1983 Libertas Americana/Eagle Silver Round


When a private mint is commissioned to do a round for a company or an entity, they usually do not include their private mint name and/or mark. It is to show deference to the entity over their private mint name; after all, they have been paid to implement the concept of the round for the entity.

Such is this vintage silver round (and all commissioned rounds, most of it, anyway).

Vintage 1983 Liberitas Americana Silver Round

The obverse is a copy of the medal, Libertas Americana.


Although not necessary, the private mint would sometimes put the initials of the engraver and/or a small logo, or nothing at all.


The reverse shield American Eagle is very nice.
The strike is good and very clear.


The obverse is toned, and I don't particularly care for its toning as it is the way of admiring the silver round.


Do you know that it was Benjamin Franklin who partly designed the original medal for the Commemoration of The Liberation of America?

Benjamin Franklin’s vision of Liberty, in concert with the work of master engraver Augustin Dupre, resulted in the beautiful Libertas Americana Medal produced in 1783. This medal struck a chord with the people and nations of the world, and ultimately became the inspiration for the Flowing Hair Liberty coinage of the first U.S. Mint. Not surprisingly, it has remained the unanimous choice for the Number 1 spot among the 100 Greatest American Medals and Tokens. 1

Ben Franklin, while serving as American ambassador to France in Paris, decided to commemorate the liberation of the United States. He created the medal, which was produced by the Paris Mint (Monnaie de Paris). Two were struck in gold for the French queen and King. The majority of the medals were minted in bronze, with very few being struck in silver. Upon his return, he brought these medals to the United States and presented them to Continental Congress members as a way to commemorate the day of the liberation.


The American Revolution's primary principles of liberty and independence are symbolized by the Libertas Americana medal's design. While the eagle on the reverse denotes strength and power, the picture of Liberty on the obverse side reflects the values of freedom and democracy that America struggled for. The fleur-de-lis is included to recognize France's significant contribution to the American cause.


These are the vintage rounds I have shown:

Vintage 1983 Libertas Americana/Eagle Silver Round
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Vintage Hamilton Mint U.S.S. Sacramento
Vintage Hamilton Mint U.S.S.San Francisco
Vintage Hamilton Mint U.S.S. Honolulu
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Vintage Liberty Lobby Lady Liberty Silver Round
Vintage Rariteis Liberty Silver Round


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Thanks for sharing this Silver round @silversaver888!😊
We all need to be reminded from time to time how our forefathers like Benjamin Franklin, fought for our freedom and independence of our country!😊


Beautiful! I've always loved the bronze one, but never been in the budget sadly! Some great silver you have stacked up there!


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A very meaningful design for Mr Franklin to proudly present before congress. And I tip my Tricorn hat to Mr Lafayette for his contribution to the birth of a new Constitutional Republic.

Always, with love 🤗🌺❤️




Not recommended for beginners. For reference, this is a kilo gold bar in a man's hand


The reverse is awesome; the toning on the front obviously has someone's fingerprints from them handling it wrong. Sad, really, but it's still an awesome find! Thanks for sharing; much love to you!🤗😘😍🌸💕🤗 !LADY !LUV !PIMP


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Another interesting piece of history, value on the coin indicates less equals more!

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