91 Hive power up | I love power up


As a poor boy , my family has more financial problems.Because of this financial crises, I have to maintain my studies expense.I bear my studies expenses and give some support of my family. Last year ,I did power down some hp, because I need some money very much.

Because of illness, I did power down hp and sold some hp .I am extremely sorry on hive community. I want to work long time on this platform.I am always trying to share absolutely new and unique post' .For this reason i want your support and inspiration.Please encourage and support my posts .I have taken final decision that I will not do power down.

Though my financial situation is very bad , i will not do power down.Today I have done power up some hp . Everyone will encourage me.I am grateful to all.

There are the most important power up in this type of community.Hive is one of them.If we increase power up,we could work long time on the platform. future will be brightness. Everyone should power up .I love power up.Today I have powered up of hive community.From now I will try to power up of hive community.

How I have powered up today



First of all I sell 50.132 hive dollar for buying hive . After selling hive dollar, I bought 90 hive.


After buying 90 hive, reached 90 hive in my hive wallet.


I Power up 91.302 hive.At present my hive power 3508.921 hive power after power up.


Regards @simaroy