HIVE, HBD and a market of uncertainty!


I was just reading a post from edicted. He has been calling to defend HIVE at 45 cents for a couple of days. But the 45 cent level just wasn't a strong enough support level and hence after I noticed it, I changed my hive buy order from 46 cents down to 43 cents. It went close, but never hit the target. However, I still hope, (and think) that we will see it come down close to 40 cents and by then I will have bought all my trading capital back (hopefully) and seat comfortably with another buy order at the support of 36 cents to see if I can play around a bit more with my HBD.

Speaking of HBD, this post really isn't about HIVE, but HBD. Edicted pointed out how lazy-panda has publicly declared "permanent HBD buying for potentially weeks or months" and this opened my eyes to the potential here if one can gather enough HBD. At first read my immediate thought was Take all my HBD into savings, and in fact go ahead and buy HBD with most of my idle USDT (Which I intend to keep idle for the foreseeable future) and put all that into my savings as well. I might actually still do it if my #hive buy orders hit to the tee! But....

On further thinking, it seems HBD will see some rapid pumps like we saw last week because buy pressure is increasing. If I can time this into buying some cheap hive and wait for a spike in hive's price which happens fairly often (not the one like a couple of days back, the regular ones I mean), I might actually be able to increase my HBD rapidly enough to even reach my goal of 3000 HBD by july...who knows! That was the initial target anyway but then I decided to solely focus on growing HP to make a stronger account.

As I am writing this post, I see bitcoin just got a big green candle, so I might be a bit worried about missing out on my hive buy order - but I've drank my poison. Now we wait.

Day 95.


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