#CashForTricks Best Trick - Vote For The Winner [June 2022]


Deadline for #CashForTricks Monthly Contest is over and we are still stoked about what happened.

More than 40 skaters participated, everyone earned crypto for doing so and the level of tricks just kept going up and up. Combos, gaps, flatbars, flatground, so much creativity and hype.

Vote For #CashForTricks Best Trick Winner


After carefully watching all entries, we picked our 7 favourites for the finals night. What we were looking for was level of trick, style, filming, creativity, editing and exclusive Skate Hype content.

  • Check out the Finalists Playlist here

Vote For The Winner

Contest winner will be decided by a Poll on Skatehype.com and anyone with a Skate Hype Account is eligible to vote as long as they are registered on Skate Hype at least 7 days before Poll begun.

Voting will end on July 7 and winner(s) will take home 100 HBD (worth $100). In case of a tie, winners will split the price!

Price will be distributed to the winner(s) Hive wallet on July 14.

Vote For The Winner : https://www.skatehype.com/p/cash-for-tricks-winner-poll-for-june-2022/13384.htm


Thank you all for participating and we hope you had lots of fun filming your entry. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate regardless the level of skills, it's all about having fun skateboarding.

#CashForTricks July 2022 Is ON

CashForTricks July 2022 has already begun so grab your board, meet your homies, film some new tricks, upload them on Skate Hype and earn crypto!

Official contest post here : https://www.skatehype.com/p/cash-for-tricks-monthly-skateboarding-online-contest/13210.htm

Cheers to everyone and #Skatehive4Life


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Already voted. So hard to choose, daaaaamn! So many dope tricks!