A text editor software project made with python. Part I



I've already made a text editor software. I used tkinter module of python for building the software. I want to share the codes of the software with the hiveans.

Tkinter is a module of python. It can be used to create GUI based applications. GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. You can use tkinter for building GUI based applications.

I am a newbie on python. After learning all the basics of python, I have started to learn tkinter. While learning tkinter, I built this software. I hope you guys will like it.

Let's jump to the code.

Importing tkinter and others

import tkinter as tk
from tkinter import ttk
from tkinter import font, colorchooser, filedialog, messagebox
import os

main_application = tk.Tk()
main_application.title('Text Editor')

Main Menu

main_menu = tk.Menu()

# file
# file icons

new_icon = tk.PhotoImage(file='TextEditorIcons/new.png')
open_icon = tk.PhotoImage(file='TextEditorIcons/open.png')
save_icon = tk.PhotoImage(file='TextEditorIcons/save.png')
save_as_icon = tk.PhotoImage(file='TextEditorIcons/save_as.png')
exit_icon = tk.PhotoImage(file='TextEditorIcons/exit.png')

file = tk.Menu(main_menu, tearoff='False')

# edit
# edit icons

copy_icon = tk.PhotoImage(file='TextEditorIcons/copy.png')
cut_icon = tk.PhotoImage(file='TextEditorIcons/cut.png')
paste_icon = tk.PhotoImage(file='TextEditorIcons/paste.png')
clear_all_icon = tk.PhotoImage(file='TextEditorIcons/clear_all.png')
find_icon = tk.PhotoImage(file='TextEditorIcons/find.png')

edit = tk.Menu(main_menu, tearoff='False')

# view
# view icons

tool_bar_icon = tk.PhotoImage(file='TextEditorIcons/tool_bar.png')
status_bar_icon = tk.PhotoImage(file='TextEditorIcons/status_bar.png')

view = tk.Menu(main_menu, tearoff='False')

# color theme
# color theme icons

light_default_icon = tk.PhotoImage(file='TextEditorIcons/light_default.png')
light_plus_icon = tk.PhotoImage(file='TextEditorIcons/light_plus.png')
dark_icon = tk.PhotoImage(file='TextEditorIcons/dark.png')
red_icon = tk.PhotoImage(file='TextEditorIcons/red.png')
monokai_icon = tk.PhotoImage(file='TextEditorIcons/monokai.png')
night_blue_icon = tk.PhotoImage(file='TextEditorIcons/night_blue.png')

color_theme = tk.Menu(main_menu, tearoff='False')

theme_choice = tk.StringVar()
color_icons = (light_default_icon, light_plus_icon, dark_icon, red_icon, monokai_icon, night_blue_icon)
color_dict = {
    'Light Default': ('#000000', '#ffffff'),
    'Light Plus': ('#474747', '#e0e0e0'),
    'Dark': ('#c4c4c4', '#2d2d2d'),
    'Red': ('#2d2d2d', '#ffe8e8'),
    'Monokai': ('#474747','#d3b774'),
    'Night Blue': ('#ededed', '#6b9dc2')

main_menu.add_cascade(label='File', menu=file)
main_menu.add_cascade(label='Edit', menu=edit)
main_menu.add_cascade(label='View', menu=view)
main_menu.add_cascade(label='Color Theme', menu=color_theme)

To be continued...


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