Love For Animals

Hello friends,
how are you guys, today this post is about animals, at the moment we have many pets in which dog cat goat cow disguise bull goat.

What is seen in this photo is the baby of our cow who was born just a few months ago, which is now 4 months old, we should have compassion and love for animals.

I wish we all should be animal lovers because animals are speechless, they cannot speak like humans, they can only express their feelings.

An article was circulated on the website @sentientmedia on November 19, 2019 titled We are all animal lovers Written by @Philip McKibbin and @KimStallwood
@sentientmedia is an organization that raises funds to help animals and tests and analyzes them on their daily tasks
@PhilipMcKibbin is a New Zealand writer.
@KimStallwood is an animal rights author, freelance scholar, consultant and speaker.

We should appreciate the good work done towards animals and should raise our voice against cruel treatment towards them, we should all be animal lovers.
We need love and compassion for all animals, not just pets.