They say water is life and its has no enemy so therefore it can’t harm or do bad to anyone so I was told growing up but seeing the damage caused by water on people’s buildings and farms, destroy there crops, should I have a rethink on what I was told?

Hello Architecture+Design it’s your favorite boy @smilestitches am back here again and it’s a great pleasure to be with you all again today at this time, hope you all are doing great cause I am not doing bad either by God’s grace have been so fine. So guys in the last post I posted to this community I clearly stated the bad governance in my state and how the government doesn’t care about the well being of the masses that vote them into power after they had promised us,

  • Good roads.
  • Standard and steady power supply.
  • Job opportunities.
  • Good economy support system for the civil servants.
  • Good refineries.
  • New industries.
  • Good learning facilities for the younger generation.
  • Good and effective water drainage.

They all made us great promises just for us to vote them into power now that we have fulfilled our own side of the bargain, they are up there looking down on us as if our voice doesn’t matter at all to them, but we do buy our bill every state bills like taxes we do pay now that money is also no where to be found instead they use the money to send there children to a very expensive school leaving the pubic government schools unkept and in tidied most times children do sit with there foot socked with water inside there class room and they still learn most times as a result of bad and old roof so most public government schools the roof are so bad that when rain falls it drain down to the class rooms and now for the less opportune children that maybe there parent can’t afford a good school dew to the bad economy systems which are also controlled by the government, so most of the children there parents only do afford to take them a public school owned by the government because the public schools are less expensive and so inadequate learning structure those top officials there children are not even going to this government public school because they know from all what they are doing the teachers won’t be serious in teaching there children and they also believe there children are too expensive to study in such an unkept environment, they would want there children to have the best and expensive lifestyle as well as effective learning so they’ll prefer to enroll there children in a private expensive school own by an individual not the government and leaving the government schools for the less privilege and most times when the poor man children goes to the public government school teachers who are supposed to come teach them won’t come to class to teach them because there not also been paid there salaries by the government they would also not come to teach them, now most times the children will go and come back with out learning any new them cause the teachers are not being paid there salaries to make them serious in teaching them, it’s very bad over here, now most of this top governments official there children either going to an expensive school or they are schooling outside the country 🤷🏽 they’ll keep spending the state’s money on other country’s enriching another man’s land instead of trying to repair the public government schools and making them well equipped and conducive for learning so that way there children can fit in and then the money they’re using to finance there children’s fees in another man’s land can still come back to use and then that money could be use to fix another sector in the state and that way life will be much easier for everyone but no!! They feel there children deserve the best and who’s child deserve worst and should be treated badly if I may ask? Are all children not also from God? Which parent would wish bad for children when they fully know and understand that education is the key to success and which person doesn’t want there child to get a better education so he/she will be successful in life so he/she might take care of there needs tomorrow? I mean every citizen deserves the best as well as the children too it’s they all have the right to quality education and they shouldn’t be deprived of it concerning the fact that they are the leaders of tomorrow they sure do have the right to be educated not just getting education but in a good and well secured environment. Not just that alone they also need good learning facilities to enhance there learning. Over the years have just realized that a poor man’s voice is not worthy of being heard anywhere even in the local bases where friends are having meeting with one another of someone that doesn’t have money wants to say something they’ll either shout him up immediately before he could have the chance to even alter a word or they’ll just let him waste his time to talk and they all might start keeping strange faces even if the idea given by the poor man is a good one they won’t consider it cause his poor and his ideas would be no better so that’s just how things works around here which is very bad same thing is also happening in the government where those top official doesn’t care about the poor people and they don’t even want to make an effort to know how they are fairing because they are not in there class.

  • Well my heart was just so heavy I needed to let it out anyways so guys my today post is about bad water drainage in my area. Guys I don’t really know what’s happen again every day we encounter a brand new problem, everything is just like a mobile game to me that in every new stage you reach there’s always a new obstacle to deal🤦🏽‍♂️ so today I’ll be showing you pictures of how the bad water drainage has really affected the poor man’s farms, destroy his crops and damaging peoples buildings,



To the poor masses there farms are very important to them cause they survive with the farm products that they get from there farms cause they is no money in the state dew to bad governance and bad economy system so most people now don’t wait on the government again they plant items in there farm so when it’s eatable they go harvest them and use it in sustaining there family. Now this farms are the only source of living to most people cause when there salaries are being withheld by the government,most times they would tell them to wait and they would wait till the next month end and both the previous and the new month salaries won’t still be paid and they’ll keep on working and serving the government only God knows when there salaries would be given to them it’s so unfair. Now the drainage pipeline we had as of the last governance in 2013 was perfect you hardly see stagnant water like this on the street













not to talk of over flooding into peoples farms and homes destroying there hard works, then it was much better though cause then the drainage pipelines was till active but now according to what I heard that the drainage pipe brock dew to much pressure of water, now water can’t pass through in anymore cause the pipe has been brocken now anytime rain falls it’s floods everywhere for a couple of days till it gradually drys up into the soil.




And the more the water stays stagnant at a place for a longer time that’s the more it’s spoiling that particular place so water shouldn’t be allow to stand like this now look what it has done to this building fence and it’s surrounding, making it look so irritating and terrible to the sight,




this is what water is doing but since when I was a child, growing up they told me that (water is life and it has no enemy and can never harm) but looking at how terrible this building fence is as a result of stagnant water, should I still believe what I was told about water? That it has no enemy and can’t harm? or should I consider it as a destroyer of people property? Cause not only that building’s fence was damaged, people’s crops were flooded by stagnant water and they all died.



Now am just wondering what those poor masses that were depending on there farm products to survive how will they manage now that there crops has been flooded by water.

  • I know water is one of nature’s greatest gift to mankind but why is the water damaging our belongings instead of Protecting them for us if that’s possible though 😂 but in all of this I don’t really lay my blames on water though for spoiling people properties but instead I blame the top official because if only they had repaired the broken water drainage pipe maybe they wouldn’t have been any stagnant water in the first place not to talk of having the chance to damage people’s stuffs so in every way I blame those top officials in power cause they are not doing there job properly that’s why am we keep facing deferent problems as the day chances so our problems change into new one by the day 🤦🏽‍♂️and there’s nothing anyone can do about it but just to keep praying and hoping for a miracle someday which we are all still anticipating😞. Now look at this particular picture now 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼



there’s a gutter by the side that place where that blocks are lined there’s a gutter there, see how water had fill it up, Looking at it I was afraid that someone might want to pass and maybe the person doesn’t know that there’s a cutter at that extreme cause you can even indicate the gutter cause it’s all filled up with the flood now the person might just fall into that gutter and injure his or her self which could be disastrous for that person cause he or she would sustain terrible injuries so I took it upon my self to stand by the side of the road over there so I could alert everyone crossing the water that they shouldn’t go close to the extreme that there’s a gutter there I thank God I was there to tell them cause if I wasn’t am definitely sure that someone might what to pass that side unknowingly and would probably get injured. This was just what we experienced today in our area .

Thanks so much friend for reading through my post. See you in my next post.


It's because we human blocks the waterway and passively make our lives worse. That's very unfortunate.


Yes and also we ourselves are the problems that we are facing tho


I would like to say that before humans mother nature behaves perfectly. Now that we are here, what we do now have negative effects on her, taming her natural flow (mother nature's flow) in the process, which is a bad idea. I hope it is not too late.


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