Diversity of rural winters in Bangladesh (Magura). Part 2 (will be Continued)

How are you all!! i am fine... I have already made a post about Bangladesh winter description and pictures. There I presented a winter scene of urban life. Today's blog will be about rural winter variety. I sat down to write with great patience.

In rural areas of Bangladesh, extreme cold is felt. There is a lot of fog due to natural environment. Snow falls in many countries of the world. But as Bangladesh is a country of six seasons, it does not get cold like snow here. The minimum temperature here is 8°C to 10°C. Due to climate change, the severity of winter may increase year by year.

A winter morning in a rural setting is very charming. In heavy fog, not much can be seen, the surrounding becomes cloudy. Wear warm clothes to go out in this fog. These pictures were taken last year. I went to the village this year. But I didn't have much time. So this time not so many pictures were taken. So by sharing the old pictures, I am introducing you to the winter morning in the village of Bangladesh. Hope you like it.


I went to Magura last year. At my batchmate's house. Sohan was my roommate. Sohan used to talk to his parents sometimes. Then aunty uncle used to invite me to their house. But never went. So this time Sohan took me by force.

When I go somewhere, I first create a photographic mind. Then plan. This time the plan was to go out early in the morning. In this way, some good photography can be done.


On the first day I went to a railway bridge. The name of the bridge is Kamarkhali bridge. It took some time to get there.


The morning sun was rising in the sky. The atmosphere in the sweet sunlight fascinated me that day. A beautiful weather. The sun was not visible.


But the surrounding lights. A foggy morning. I clicked some pictures from a distance of the bridge. The most beautiful scene was the scene of the boat beside the river.


Boats add beauty to any canal or river. That's right. Clicked many photos. Among them I shared the good shorts.


This is a very early morning scene. The fog is all around. Me and my friend went to pray in the morning. I clicked this picture while returning.


It is very lucky to see sunlight in winter morning. Because most of the time the sun is not visible. However, one day I saw the sun a little after 10 am. The golden light of the sun penetrated the leaves of the trees and spread like a torch across the entire garden. This is one of the best pictures I have ever taken. I like this picture very much.

I will share about a rural winter morning, but there will be no date palm juice!! It can't be.


Date palm juice is available in winter. It is very popular in Bangladesh. Many delicious dishes are prepared with it. But I prefer to eat it absolutely RAW. Pure juice.


I go to the village in winter mainly for the sake of date palm juice. Magura was no different. In the morning I ate fresh date juice from the tree. Villagers sell this juice. It is nectar

Let today's story with the grasshopper end here. I will share another story on another blog.


In the morning, the leaves of rice are covered with fog. A grasshopper was sitting on this leaf. The grasshopper was also covered with fog. I clicked many pictures while walking along the paddy field. This is one of those pictures.

Not today. See you again in another post sometime. Until then, stay well, thanks.


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You got some really awesome shots!


Dear Sir,
Thank you very much. I am glad to see your comment. This place is really beautiful, a great place to take pictures. anyway, thanks for your support.... stay well💙