We live but only once



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Life is sacred and we must see it as such to actually appreciate and love one another. It is true that we can't clearly know which direction life is taking us, however, we know the direction we are going.

This explains why many people say 'life happens'! They are simply trying to tell us that certain phenomena occur that are beyond our power or explanations.

Some try to tag this mystery just to free themselves from mental stress that could result from over thinking the situation.

While we take all the risk and do things that sometimes overburden our body, we always forget that the life or rather the breathe inside us last only a lifetime and once it stops, that is the end of it as far as physical living is concerned. The man whose heart stops pumping blood into it is said to have given up the ghost or kicked the bucket.

It means that life has ceased to exist and the remains, which is the human body is lifeless on the ground waiting to be buried beneath.

This is the reality of all life forms. Everything that has life in it must give in to the 'non-life' which is the end of us all humanly speaking.

With this knowledge and fact, i still wonder why some of us take life like we own it? Some of us live dangerously, in a way that could end that single life that we have.

It beats me must time and it is beyond my comprehension that some people care less about what happen to them. If it were to be about them, it would have been okay really but every life forms affect one another.

If they die, they leave a mother, father, wife, husband, daughter or son in endless pain. The space they initially occupied in their family, workplace, neighbourhood immediately becomes void.

In most cases, that space is not always easily filled. Some remain void forever with only bitterness on the faces of their loved ones.

As human beings, we should understand this fact that we only get to live once. So we should live right. Affect our immediate environment, family, friends, neighbour positively.

In the end, the account of how we lived is what really matters and what counts. Let's all live a life that is worthy of remembering and one which our family, friends, neighbor and the world at large is proud of.

Live right my brothers and sisters!!!!

Thanks for reading, i'm @smyle