Splinterlands season 31 report - I really need to upgrade my deck to play in Silver league

(Image from Splinterlands and edited in Canva)
Hello all Splinters,
It's me again to share with you my Splinterlands diary.
I ended my previous season in Silver II so I started this season in Bronze league. I struggled for a while to claim up to Silver league again. I think I didn't focus enough when I played the game, especially checking the enemy team lineup in the preparation stage. I need to change this habit to increase my win rate.
In terms of the reward, I felt happy with the 1st ever summoner GF, Franz Ruffmane

1.SPS earning

  • I got 256 staked SPS from ranked battle/ daily and EOS / brawl rewards and Tower defense packs this season ✅
  • I have 13.5K staked SPS in my account. I only need 206SPS each season to achieve 15k SPS by year-end. 📈
  • In general, I'm still on track with my staked SPS target. So I decided not to stake my Liquid SPS to the game but will put it back to the Liquidity pools to get more rewards or swap for some good cards.

2. DEC earning

  • After some adjustments, my DEC earning was increased and I will use them to buy some cards and level up.
  • This season, I bought 4 Gargoya Devil with this earning and level him up to level 4

3. Cards

  • I only got 1 GF card in this season and it's Franz Ruffmane.

  • My deck value went back to ~500$ level. One of the reasons is DEC value went down again
  • My SF BCX kept increasing but my SF cards were reduced. It's because I leveled up several common cards to level 5, and it required more than 100 cards
  • And here is the list of leveled-up cards

4. Next steps

  • Join the Guild brawl regularly ✅
  • My deck is not strong enough to reach the Gold league at the end of season. ❌ That's why my next target is to upgrade my cards to the maximum level of Silver league, especially the summoner ones. With this, I hope I can reach the Gold league in the coming seasons.
  • I will flip some non-use cards to some more useful ones to strengthen my deck ✅
  • Soulkeep launch was delayed because the team prioritized Land 1.5. There is no harm for me because I don't have any Land property and I still get the SPS rewards when Soulkeep is till on the paper. I just leave the Nightmare packs in the game to get the rewards until it's ended.


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If you don't have a Splinterlands account, join with me here https://splinterlands.com/?ref=sodom-lv