Cita de helados entre amigos [ESP/ENG]

Hola mis queridos hivers, espero se encuentren muy bien y hayan tenido un excelente fin de semana lleno de mucho amor y felicidad. Hoy les vengo a contar el día tan lindo y repentino que tuvimos mis amigos y yo, de verdad que fue muy lindo compartir con ellos y quiero que quede plasmado en mi blog para recordarlo con mucho amor.

Hello my dear hivers, I hope you are very well and have had an excellent weekend full of love and happiness. Today I come to tell you about the beautiful and sudden day that my friends and I had, it was really nice to share with them and I want it to be captured in my blog to remember it with love.

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Este día comenzó como cualquier otro fin de semana (por lo general los fines de semana me suelo levantar un poco tarde y suelo vagar todo el día, ya que son mis días de descanso), ese día recuerdo que me levante como a eso de las 2:00 PM, me bañe y me prepare de comer, a las 2:40 mi hermano me llama y me dice que Angie quiere hablar conmigo (Angie es una amiga que conocí a principios del año pasado, en realidad es mi vecina de toda la vida, pero de pequeñas perdimos la comunicación y bueno), yo me imagine que quería que le prestara algo o algo así, resulta que quería que la ayudara a que la dejaran salir con su novio, a ella la dejan tener novio y todo, pero cuando se trata de salidas o algo así siempre tengo que estar yo de por medio porque soy “responsable”, al principio si era como incómodo porque Aarón (el novio de mi amiga) no lo veía como amigo siempre fue como el novio de mi amiga hasta hace unos meses que empezamos a reunirnos todos con amigos y hablar y compartir más que todo y me di cuenta de las lindas intenciones que tiene con mi amiga y lo buena persona que es.

This day started like any other weekend (usually on weekends I usually wake up a little late and I usually wander all day, since they are my days off), that day I remember that I woke up around 2:00 PM, I took a bath and prepared myself to eat, at 2:00 PM my brother calls me and tells me that Angie wants to talk to me (Angie is a friend I met early last year, she is actually my lifelong neighbor, but we lost communication as kids and well): 40 my brother calls me and tells me that Angie wants to talk to me (Angie is a friend I met early last year, she is actually my lifelong neighbor, but when we were little we lost communication and well), I figured she wanted me to lend her something or something, turns out she wanted me to help her to be allowed to go out with her boyfriend, she is allowed to have a boyfriend and all, but when it comes to going out or something like that I always have to be in the middle because I am "responsible", at first it was kind of uncomfortable because Aaron (my friend's boyfriend) I didn't see him as a friend, he was always my friend's boyfriend until a few months ago when we started to get together with friends and talk and share more than anything and I realized the good intentions he has with my friend and what a good person he is.

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Yo me alisté lo más rápido que pude porque como tenía pocos minutos y no quería que saliéramos tarde, al estar lista pase a buscar a Angie y nos fuimos caminando a casa de Aarón, mientras íbamos caminando me dice que él le va a presentar a su mamá y yo alegré mucho por ella y empezamos hablar de cómo sería y tal, ya cuando vamos llegando me doy cuenta de que mientras Angie hablaba con la mamá de Aarón yo no iba a estar de metiche que pena, entonces da la casualidad que al frente de la casa de Aarón vive Cami (una compañera de clases), como la vi afuera me quedé un rato con ella mientras Angie pasaba a conocer a la mamá de Aarón.

Al cabo de 1 hora salieron y Aarón dijo que les parece si nos comemos unos helados, no sé si se los haya dicho en un post, pero ME ENCANTA EL HELADO, no se siento que es muy reconfortante y muy rico. Estuvimos caminando para ver donde comer helado y solo había un puesto abierto y la verdad que no se nos antojaba comer ahí, pero no había de otra, al preguntar los sabores la chama nos contesta que solo tiene dos sabores (ron con pasas y chocolate), en ese momento menos se nos antojó, pero no teníamos de otra así que nos conformamos con esos sabores, Aarón pido 3 barquillas de 2 bolas cada una con los dos sabores que había, la primera barquilla en llegar fue de Angie, la segunda mía y la tercera de Aarón, pero nos dimos cuenta de que se nos estaban derritiendo muy rápido y literalmente estábamos todos empegostados, Aarón estaba luchando en comerse el cono porque se le había pegado la servilleta, a Angie se le vino una bola encima y le tuvieron que traer un vasito y yo fui la más decente comiendo JSKSJDKDSJDS.

Al llegar a la casa nos quedamos un rato chismeando y luego me fui a mimir porque me andaba durmiendo encima jsksjdsk, la verdad es que nunca me imagine que nos llevaríamos tan bien, espero sigamos teniendo este tipo de salidas y seguir chismeando cada que se pueda JSKSJSJS. PD: tratamos de buscar a leo, pero no estaba en su casa:c

I got ready as fast as I could because I had a few minutes and I didn't want to leave late, when I was ready I picked up Angie and we walked to Aaron's house, while we were walking he told me that he was going to introduce his mom and I was very happy for her and we started talking about how it would be and so on, When we got there I realized that while Angie was talking to Aaron's mom I was not going to be nosy, what a shame, then it so happens that in front of Aaron's house lives Cami (a classmate of mine), as I saw her outside I stayed with her for a while while Angie went to meet Aaron's mom.

After an hour they left and Aarón said how about some ice cream, I don't know if I told you in a post, but I LOVE ICE CREAM, I don't know I feel it's very comforting and very tasty. We were walking to see where to eat ice cream and there was only one stand open and the truth is that we did not feel like eating there, but there was no other way, when we asked for the flavors the girl told us that she only had two flavors (rum with raisins and chocolate), at that moment we did not feel like it, but we had no other way so we settled for those flavors, Aarón asked for 3 trays of 2 scoops each with the two flavors that were there, The first one was Angie's, the second one was mine and the third one was Aaron's, but we realized that they were melting very fast and we were literally all toasted, Aaron was struggling to eat the cone because the napkin had stuck to him, Angie had a ball on her and they had to bring her a cup and I was the most decent eating JSKSJDKDSJDS.

When we got home we stayed a while gossiping and then I went to have a nap because I was sleeping on myself jsksjdsk, the truth is that I never imagined that we would get along so well, I hope we continue having this kind of outings and continue gossiping every chance we get JSKSJSJJS. PD: we tried to look for leo, but he wasn't at home:c

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Espero les haya gustado mi contenido, les deseo una linda noche llena de mucha tranquilidad. Chauuu.

I hope you liked my content, I wish you a nice night full of tranquility. Bye bye.


Fotografías sacadas desde el teléfono de mis amigos, los cuales me dieron autorización de utilizarlas.
El banner fue editado con PicsArt.

Photographs taken from my friends' phones, who gave me permission to use them.
The banner was edited with PicsArt.


Who doesn't like ice cream? I love creamy ice cream. You had a great day with your friends and delicious ice cream. In my youth I used to go out a lot with my high school friends to eat ice cream at a very famous place in my city, almost every weekend was a fixed date. I invite you to explore the community and interact with other users who have posted.


Hello dear friend, I certainly do not know anyone who does not like ice cream and believe me if I meet them I will make them change their mind because ice cream is the richest thing in life, it is so creamy and melts on your palate, I really can not resist an ice cream. How cool that you had nice memories when you were young, I usually try to create nice moments with friends around me to have nice memories to remember, now with the few I have I go out to eat whenever the occasion arises, recently we went to a pizzeria and it was phenomenal so much that they gave us a little doll djdkjfk. Thanks for your nice comment.



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