We all have dates of birth and as it concerns all dates falls into one zodiac signs or the other.

Zodiac signs are imaginary belt extending 8 either side of the ecliptic, which contains the 12 zodiacal constellations and within the moon and planets appear to move . The signs are divided into 12 equal areas that is called the zodiac signs and each laid in the place in which it falls into.

Each also having behaviours in which they are known for. Certain behaviours are that are some would display and that would show there sign.

I would be on the middle for this Answer we all already have a way in which we behave sometimes all this signs works that's align with our behaviours but not all in most cases.
It wouldn't determine wholly how someone would really behave. Sometimes it's possible to see one in the zodiac sign as them being the bravest or smartest but yet the person may not be too brave or smart.


Sometimes no matter all characteristics that people are meant to posses as being or belonging in one zodiac sign or the other yet it's still them that would display behaviours and that would show who they really are.

It may be possible or not for people to use it to get away with things whereas a bad behaviors is repeatedly displayed and all the person could say is that that's his/her sign whereas chance is one thing that can happen to anyone.

I have been hearing these but has been paying deaf ears to it but this wonderful community #hivelearners with there nice topics always gave me a push to make a step to knowing more now I can stay that From My Birth date I fall into Scorpio and the behavioural characteristics are absolutely amazing.
Signs or no signs you are you and should live in a good way worthy of Emulating from people around.
May God Almighty Help us All in Jesus Mighty Name Amen 🙏🙏.


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