Hello everyone hope your day went very well.
But if it did not, here are some words for you.


So today I bumped into an old time friend, I knew him in Mary secondary schools.
Back then in school, we used to be sit mates, and we were also house mates in the first inter house sort of our school.
We normally share thoughts together, because for that time we were the eldest student in our class, so we would decide together on how we wanted our house to be.

So one we fought, and I mad sure that blood gushed out of his mouth, and that made the winner of the fight.
For me I believed that no one win me in a fight.
So because he was stronger than me, he gave me so many blows. So as not to look like the loser, I broke his head with a piece of broken locker.

The next day, I swore never to talk to him in my life.
So we finished secondary school, and we never saw ourselves, until today when I was going somewhere.

He yelled at me and I turned and ran into his arms.
And guess what, we never about what happened back then in our very long conversation.

Should I say that he did remember what happened, or should I say the he had forgiven me for causing blood out of his mouth?.